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  1. From my inside sources here I've been told a lot of disparaging remarks have been said and exchanged here in an attempt to defame and simply slander the standing of a collaberative effort of mine that is the formation of a new organization. Yeah, that one. The one that has been criticized almost unanimously, yet those criticisms have to be funneled via non direct sources. The one that has been called dormant, yet is the only one to be actively engaged in various third party transit projects. Sure, I'm the bad guy. The individual who is acused of allowing trolling members and trolling personally, the individual acused of creating a forum with an environment the promiotes tension, the individual acused of turning a blind eye to offenses made by the members under my administration, and so on; etc, etc, etc. But am I the one one who disrespects members? No. Do I talk behind ohers backs? No. Do you know who does? I thought I'd do you all a favor by posting this: **Link Removed** Yeah...
  2. You damn hypocrite, since when do you care about students? Just what the hell is all this? And this is just a few instances... http://www.nyctransitforums.com/forums/topic/28844-43-of-subway-fare-beaters-are-kids-report-finds-costing-the-mta-millions/page-4?do=findComment&comment=438516 http://www.nyctransitforums.com/forums/topic/28844-43-of-subway-fare-beaters-are-kids-report-finds-costing-the-mta-millions/page-7?do=findComment&comment=439308 http://www.nyctransitforums.com/forums/topic/28844-43-of-subway-fare-beaters-are-kids-report-finds-costing-the-mta-millions/page-7?do=findComment&comment=439342 And again, this is only a fragment of this guys stanse. Via, refute it all you like, I don't care. My goal is to make you my bitch tonight, and you're going to sit here and take it.
  3. it's true. In fact if you look at the 3G all effots were focused on winning the and TTC orders. The evidence is all there.
  4. Go ahead and blow me already.
  5. Italy... Romania... Same crappola.... Both highly personified countries when in reality they're full of peasants working for pennies on the dollar.
  6. I'm not the one bitching about other people commutes But to even the score I will.
  7. Soon...

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      They're making a new transit forum.

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      I love how someone actually bothered to sit there and click the link about 200 times to get it more hits.

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      Cait Sith

      I hope you realize advertising another site is not allowed here....

  8. Thanks for everything guys. It's been a good run. Stay radical.

  9. It's reached my direct attention that many forum members, and staff members alike, would prefer that I no longer partake in discussion on New York City Transit Forums. While I've been well aware that I've had my fair share of differences it's reached the point where even staff members are stating directly that it'd be in the best interest of everyone that I leave. Well I can respect that. As it stood I had planned to go on an indeterminable hiatus or break this year, but decided to stick around for a while over the summer until I'd be preoccupied with a full two years worth of classes. These new revelations though have made it apparent that I would rather no longer participate in this community, that time after time has proven to be very exclusionary, appreciating and inhibiting to discussion. A damn shame that is. Until very recently I considered NYCTF to be a world class discussion forum that prided itself on it's features and member contributions on a diverse range of topics. Having used the site for reference purposes a few times, and lurking more regularly in 2011, I decided to become a member in 2012, NYCTF holding the distinction for the first transit forum I became a member at. In the preliminary months of my stay all was well. The members were very welcoming and I discovered that despite certain disagreements rarely did anything escalate, as it did elsewhere on other forums, and disagreements on one aspect weren't carried to other areas of discussion. As time progressed I noticed that discussions were not as limited to transit, as evidenced in the archives of the off topic discussion forum and in the NYCTF chatroom. In my opinion, that combined with the influx of new members and those returning from a long hiatus lead to a site that promoted a diverse discussion amongst it's diverse membership. Overtime into 2013 however it seemed as if discussion was being inhibited and even restrictive. While one could place blame on the sporadic flamers and trolls, regular members were themselves beginning pissing contests against one another. I admit, I've entered some myself and as result dealt with the ramifications of contributing to a discussion with no substance. In fact many did as well. But at the very same time it seemed as if the staff were also chastising members without probable cause. I bring this up not to spark debate or disrespect the NYCTF staff, but rather to shine light on tensions that brewed and carried for long after. Tensions between members and staff alike that created a mass division amongst the inner workings of this site. Arguably one could go out and say the forums became a victim of its own success, but it still manages to stay on its own, despite other social media catering to transit discussion. Moving forward before I go on an off topic tangent. What I am trying to put into perspective is the tension that was feed into by myself and others, the tension that is responsible for my departure, and the tension that will be responsible future subjects of interest. If anything else, I ask that the tension here be remedied while it still can. Only be acting in time can future conflicts be avoided. I could go on, but I won't. The best if behind me now and as such I can only look forward to something better as I progress through life. With that said and in conclusion I bid farewell to the members of NYCTF. The last two years here with you guys have been great, and it just would not have been the same if I didn't get to know you for the fine exemplary individuals you have demonstrated to be. To my friends, acquaintances, and enemies alike I wish you all the very best in your life. Thank you so much for putting up with so much and tolerating me and my actions both good and bad, positive and negative. You are all outstanding people of a great caliber that pride yourself on your excellent contributions, and it's been an absolute pleasure to converse amongst another. Once again, thank you. To those in contact with me via other mediums I look forward to hearing back from you as life moves ahead forward. Signing off, Horacio "Turbo" Hernandez
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