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  1. I don't think this can be stressed enough. People need to stop worrrying about how a few make a group look bad and begin worrying about they personally make themselves look bad. What happened to priorities people?

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    2. Astoria Line

      Astoria Line

      You know I was never the type to go with the crowd. I'm gonna partial here. You make a lot of sense in your statement, BUT when someone acts up in this hobby, it doesn't take much for everyone else to think "Hey this kid is a railfan and he surfs trains, maybe they all do." This is a flawed ideology, but it is prominent in society. Just like how many people think blacks commit all crime, or hispanics are illegal. These overgeneralizations are wrong and hurt everyone in the gro...

    3. Astoria Line

      Astoria Line

      Railfans get harassed all the time by NYPD and the TA because of this negative opinion on us. This idiot has made it worse, why should we all have to put up with this when we mean no harm?

    4. ttcsubwayfan


      @Astoria: +1000

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