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  1. I believe it was only to 9443 (whichever was the highest 9400 in Flatbush at the time). And yes, B8 was in ENY from 1998-2002 before being assigned to JG & extended to Rockaway Av. Prior to that, it was assigned to Ulmer Park.
  2. I remember riding on 9441 on the B8 in the early 2000s. Bus had ENY stickers. This was before the B8 was moved to JG
  3. I spotted 6325 on the B38 a few hours ago. Still with YUK decals. No longer in ENY
  4. Has anyone already reported 6325 at ENY? (Just walked past ENY depot & saw it there with Yukom decals)
  5. 8071 and 8052 parked at Jamaica depot w/ Jamaica decals
  6. Yep. I'm right off Monticello. Unfortunately, I won't be there too long as I'm being transferred to NY. That's cool you're right next door to the yard. #1284 now at A&C bus. Spotted earlier on Bergen Avenue.
  7. I've been living in Jersey City for 2 1/2 years now. First in Greenville, now at McGinley. I came out here due to working in Secaucus. I'm from Brooklyn & work the typical morning-evening work schedule. I'm getting sad though that those Academy nova's are falling by the wayside.
  8. Nice! I only pass through there on the #2. I take it to Meadowlands parkway.
  9. Same with #6233. I just saw this one on Kennedy Blvd Not in Service. I didn't see the operator info because it was dark out.
  10. #6205 now at Academy/Hoboken. Spotted on the 88 a few minutes ago.
  11. I saw this one, still with NJT logos covered, on the 88 yesterday on Kennedy Boulevard I saw this one yesterday on Kenned
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