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  1. Found an interesting strategy for getting photos of things I have videos of. When the video is paused and there isn't any motion blur, I take a screenshot, and crop it. This might seem horribly obvious to some people but the idea never occured to me before. I know have some decent captures of R32 interiors which I didn't have before. Cool.

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    2. peacemak3r


      I'm fairly certain a lot of cameras these days with recording capabilities has the feature to record and take pics at the same time on the device itself.

    3. ttcsubwayfan


      You're probably right, and I should have a look at my own camera and see if it can do that as well, but what I was referring to was what happened in the past... i.e. I filmed a bunch of videos on board R32s but I didn't take many photos, so I print screened the video and managed to get some "photos", as it were.

    4. peacemak3r


      Yeah most of the newer phones has this capability so I'm sure a lot of cameras should have it as well.

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