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  1. Ugh, another day where the temperatures didn't climb above 22 celsius (71.6 Fahrenheit). Same nonsense as last year. I haven't been properly warm since the summer of 2013, when I went on vacation to Slovakia. Even last year, when I went to Florida, it rained at least half the time. I need this?

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    2. ttcsubwayfan


      I'll trade! Today the windchill was around 12 celsius (53.6 Fahrenheit).

    3. BM5 via Woodhaven

      BM5 via Woodhaven

      Eh, I can possibly deal with that, lol. My ideal temperature would be 75 or 80 at most. And if the summers are pretty cool, then how are the winters over there?

    4. ttcsubwayfan


      The winters are even worse. -20 to -30 Celsius (-4 to -22 F) are a common thing. If you want to go outside, you'd better have many layers on and be prepared to not be out too long. I can't believe that 3-4 years back I was complaining about our lackluster winters and the fact that we never had much snow!

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