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  1. How do you all tolerate VG8? He has the intelligence and mindset of a spoiled 15 year old Caucasian female. I'm sure he wears diapers in case he encounters any riff-raff (i.e. minorities) in his travels. I'd say about 80% of his posts are tinged with racism and classism. Absolutely disgusting individual. If there's ever another major financial collapse I hope it strikes him square in the heart so he is forced to ride the bus with the "riff-raff" and move into a neighborhood where perhaps the highest of the high "Riverdale" folk are not welcomed.
  2. Well since we're already discussing bus sounds I have a dew question some of the older members might be able to answer.... -What made the GMC RTS buses ROAR. Not all of them did it. But some had a seat vibrating, window shaking roar which would climax about the time the bus hit 3rd (or 4th?) gear. Then it would pick up in earnest at about 50mph. VERY LOUD sometimes. -Grumman 870s, Flxible As and to a lesser extent GMC RTS used to make this sneezing sound at times when air was released. It made the sound a backpack or jacket makes when you zip it up real fast. It's very loud and can make you jump if you're not expecting it. There was a quieter vvrrrwhooosh version you'd hear on the RTS as well. What was the cause of this. -A number of Metro As, some RTS and even one D40LF made this frying bacon sound when in motion from the exhaust. The Metros and RTS that did it had a deep throaty idle like an Eagle 10. And when they took off it was very bass heavy and would make a loud frying sound you could hear for blocks down the street. -Older D40LFs, mid to late 90s usually, made this odd noise upon acceleration where there was a strange and sometimes EXTREMELY LOUD metal on metal noise which would crescendo each time the bus changed gears before ending with a pff-shff. Sometimes the bus would hiss instead of scream and it would end in the same pff-shff noise. -I hear MAN planetarys are the best sounding axles out there. Now, on topic. There are a few different type of whistles and chirps. The CNG whistle and um, "backfire," The 6v92TA turbo whine, and a definite whistle a rare number of D40LFs make when taking off and stopping. It sounds like an actual whistle. There's also various whines moans and groans. The screeching sound sometimes akin to car brakes is from water in the fan belts I believe.
  3. How do you all deal with and accept this racist, classist, and classless troglodyte? He said that he doesn't avoid the riff raff even in Riverdale because minorities ride his bus. How disgusting. I've seen people nearly ripped to shreds on here for reporting the wrong roster transfers but this guy gets off pretty easy. Props to Checkmate Champ for constantly fighting the good fight.
  4. You never ask a bus driver why they are late. If they're late they're late. Being prissy about it is not going to resolve the situation. They may actually drag the line further. Just call or write in, EVENTUALLY something will happen. Drivers RARELY get fired for being late, they may be suspended if there is absolute concrete proof they were late due to their own bad habits. Your living in Riverdale doesn't hold any weight when it comes to discipline of a bus driver. You remind me of this chick who said when she was pregnant a bus driver pulled off while she was standing and she almost fell. She said she called it in and when they got downtown a supervisor fired him on the spot and another driver relieved him. Do you have the naivety and flawed sense of reality an 18 year old girl has? And funny YOU of all people mentioned something about race. I see everyone ignored it though as I'm sure they are used to your shenanigans. If I dealt with passengers of your caliber I'd not only pass you up but I'd splash you and then give you a face full of diesel. Stop being so haughty.
  5. Video I took today of a vintage 2000 D40LF. Music so sweet I had to record it. Most of the 2800s don't howl like this. She gets really loud towards the end. And to think I almost got off because the driver started off slow.
  6. >>>Therefore the LIRR, MetroNorth and the express bus should not be free. You're already providing free local buses AND shuttle buses. That's good enough as far as I'm concerned.<<< You just don't wan't homeless types being near you and your "Eye-tahl-yen" gloves. NYC is recovering from a major storm and all you can focus on are your petty prejudices. Honestly, I don't know how people even tolerate you. Circumstances can make you a "homeless type." Anyway, glad to see bus service is up and running. Another message board I posted at was predicting the worst after the storm including the subway not running for months.
  7. Is there anything more depressing than a destination death reading? Seeing retired buses in storage/scrapyards with their last destination reading frozen in time, reminding us of better days.
  8. Those "nearly 30" (not even close in fact) year old buses had more charm and personality than you'll find in today's plastic boxes, that's for sure.
  9. Funny, people consider the Novas the WORST of the RTS. Just goes to show you that the RTS is the last of the greats.
  10. Does anybody remember the old BusSign application that was posted on the old BusTalk? It allowed you to create custom bus destination signs, much like the ones in many signatures here, but with much less effort. Very user friendly.
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