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  1. From the dead.. I can tell u this, somebody bout to get hired 😎😎
  2. From the dead but I’m 99% certain the MTA Bus Stockworker Exam #1305 list has expired. The last person to be hired from Exam 1305, was about a year ago.. Others have been hired, but from a newer exam from 2016ish
  3. I was told the new guy who started working at ENY on Nov 13th 2017, quit the next day. But I’m surprised people are being hired from that old list.
  4. I’m kinda late here, hope all is well and you enjoyed your summer. Confirmed, one person did officially retire from CP earlier this year. And perhaps another might go in a few months. However, at ENY it won’t be that much movement. One assistant should be leaving early next year thou. And in terms of exam 1305, I think that’s all water under the bridge now. PS. Everyone talks the retirement talk, but it isn’t official until they clock out for the last time. Good luck gentlemen.
  5. You stand a better chance of being hired with MTA Bus. Exam 4104 is NOT for MTA Bus assistant stockworker
  6. http://www.transittalent.com/job_listing_mail.cfm?JobID=20859
  7. What's the exam number? You stand a good chance, when does the list expire?
  8. From what I recall just 2-3 years I went to take ah practical down in the subway system at the Brooklyn L train station. One task was wiring up something on a jig, second task was disassemble and reassemble of some sorta hydraulic actuator pump and third and final task I can't remember. I guess I did good, because they called me three times for permanent position for car inspector!! And I didn't even take a CI test.. Strange.. I was told because of high demand n much needed CI's Good luck and I hope this info helped Third and final task was using a multimeter looking for a shortage I believe
  9. Sorry bout the late response, but yes someone did bounce from LGA and go to BP during the 2016 pick.. 2017 will be an interesting year for local 100 storerooms. Alot of movement instore. I was told a fella from CP just retired, and another person from CP isn't to far behind. How's JFK/FR? Ain't for everyone, TWU Local 100 just got contract signed. From what I was told, MTA Bus Local 100 made out like bandits
  10. Test expired yet? As of today I was told three people were hired and start today for MTA Bus assistant Stockworker
  11. MTA Bus Or NYCTA Railroad Stockworker? Three brand new guys start MTA Bus as an assistant today 01/23/17
  12. Stanfd02 I hope u get this in time but, put your name back on the list before it expires.. And future reference HR will not be able to determine your actual shift.. Seniority prevails
  13. Someone was hired for ASW at Spring Creek, but the person quit after a few days
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