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  1. S93 for convenience S66 for nice grymes hill views and low crowding S79 for "fast" speeds S40/S74 for fast service S53 for reliability and frequency S46 for drivers who dont make us pay S51/S76 for speed on the weekends
  2. That was before the extension into target. And it is only the longest local bus Longest express bus is the X22 And longest SBS is probably S79
  3. SI local is 60MPH max 65 SI Express is 85MPH max 90 That it according to iPhone 4's GPS
  4. The fastest train in NYC (exc. LIRR and MNR) is SIRX to tottenville 8.5 minutes from St George to New Dorp at a top speed of 85MPH
  5. What would be the fastest local bus in NYC? I'm guessing S74 Late Night
  6. also one in stapleton in front of deal$ for the 51 and 76
  7. There are 19 buses waiting outside wagner, making it the second busiest school tripper terminal. #1 is tottenville, with actual limited-stop S78 service in the morning
  8. the S54 has 8 trippers starting at wagner to wnb and 4 to eltingville.
  9. Who has school trippers? S42 S44 S46 S48 S51 S53 S54* S55* S56* S57 S58 S59 S61 S66 S74 S76 S78** +S79+ *Over half of these routes ridership come from school trippers ** This route provides 4 limited stop service runs in the morning to Tottenville high school
  10. The only "mess" going on with the S74/S78 is that their routes are ridiculously long (lenth-based, not time-travel-based) The S74/S78 get pretty ugly during the rush hours. The only routes that are unreliable to me during middays are S62, S48. Even the S53 is excellent at sticking to its schedule. On SI, if buses are within 5 minutes apart according to schedule, the later bus may easliy cacth up to it Example: S54 to WNB comes to great kills at 7:32am. The S54 to Brielle-Gansevoort (skips hosp) comes at 7:37 but usually wins the race to wagner HS And we all know the fastest "crosstown" is the S40 (east-west) If you define it as paralell to the common direction, you can say the S59, 54, or 57
  11. That hasbeen asked before. The answer is yes. You see, the S61 and S62 are. A bit crowded during weekends. Maybe 12-minute on the S61 may be ideal but it wouldnt connect to the ferry. The solution? Add S66 service to the mix every half hour and you can even serve the forest shopping centers now. Of course weekend S60 customers may come back, bjt that is less than 200 per weekend.
  12. Has anyone noticed countdown clocks in staten island? I saw one on hylan blvd right before the hylan plz. Another was on stapleton in front of Deal$
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