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  1. The same thing happened with me with the TO exam. I previously worked for MTA also. I wasn't stressing the letter at the time because I had other matters to tend to. Now my focus is on asking around and making some noise! IMO this tactic is more retaliatory than anything else. MTA expects you not to question or fight it. Don't let that stop you. Fight it!! From my understanding , that 3 N 1 rule is for promotional exams only. I'll keep you posted on my situation.
  2. I was just told by the lady behind the desk the next class is Feb 9.
  3. Thanks everyone for their feedback. Track worker is everything I'd want in a job but I dcided to go Train Operator. Reason being is that I've been busting my a$$ for over 21 years delivering mail and at my age I can't afford to break down any further.
  4. I'm down here now. I'll let you know.
  5. I'm on the list for train operator and track work. I'm leaning more towards track worker.someone in this form please convince me that I'm making the right decision.
  6. Quick question. How long is medical good for?
  7. Has anyone been able to find out the last appointed on the 5016 exam ?
  8. I feel what you're saying. Obviously we're in a good position being on this list. My understanding is that a lot of people down there were w8n for the new contract before retiring hopefully that'll now speed up the list.
  9. I would assume that they can't start our list until the previous list expires which is in March of 2015. Would I be correct in that assumption?
  10. I really hope your calculations are true because this is a game changer for me. Reason being is that I'm on the train operators list and should start this month. and if I can hold out a little longer, it's a hell of a lot better position in my opinion. List #168X
  11. The best news I heard today!! Congrats
  12. Pelham my friend, your silence is making me uncomfortable. Give me some good news.
  13. Stay positive. I was there today w8n to find out my situation . It's been one thing after another with me and this position since Feb. Being that I was a conductor in 97, I have to w8 for a departmental eval b4 I can be fingerprinted. At this point I'm good if I do or don't get this position. You hang in there Pelham.
  14. You are definately a trooper! Hopefully we're in the same class. Be safe.
  15. ^^^^^^ That's exactly what happened to me today. Answered yes to a question and had to get verification from my Dr.. Got the note and all is good for tomorrow .
  16. SAME EXACT THING!! My Dr. couldn't do it today so I gotta go back tomorrow .
  17. Thank you for that gem. I go in tomorrow and plan on being ticket #100. I might go st8 from final processing and give my job my 2 week notice !
  18. @SubwayGuy. I was told that if I wear contacts or glasses to bring both with me to processing. Thanks for the other tidbits in your post.
  19. Hey Peleham25, I go in on Wed for final processing. What's your status?
  20. No. I had a rust colored shirt on under a black jacket.
  21. I was sitting right under the TV until they turned it on. Afterwards I was in the 1st row. I had the ipad out.
  22. @MTAHopefulMatt. I was there yesterday for a DT . Was told anywhere from 2 to 90 days. Wasn't a lot of people there.
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