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  1. They go through way more than 40#s just to get 40 people per class. People get disqualified or don't meet the requirements or get put on medical holds so they have to call about 100 people just to get 40. Plus not everyone accepts the position and they don't exactly go in order. For example, I was in the first class of open competitive TOs and the class had some promotionasl, but the open compatitive list numbers ranged from the top 10 to the 80s or 90s just to get about 25 of us.
  2. Yessir!!!!! The 3 Line is the best line in the A Division in my opinion. Not too long, not too short. Good express run. And don't forget the equipment. Those 62s on the 3 line are the best damn trains we have in the A div. Especially the modified ones that are smoother now. Anybody who says otherwise just can't handle them. If you want that beast to stop, it will stop. Come into a station doing 40 at the plat and that baby will stop on a dime. Those new techs will have you overrunning stations. It will be a long time coming before I pick away from the 3 line. Only downside is getting stuck behind a 2 constantly. It's like they operate slow on purpose over there lol.
  3. 1. You will be paid and work no less than 40 hours per week, but believe me. Being extra extra, you will work way more than the 40 hour minimum whether you want to or not.2. Lunch depends on the job your working that day. Your not guaranteed a lunch but they will pay you an extra 30mins if your lunch is cut short. 3. Overtime will be plentiful while your extra. And you guys must understand that overtime is MANDATORY. It's not an option or choice. There are jobs down here that are 10 hours. Plus the road might blow up and you'll get a late clear on top of that. Who doesn't love money though. 4. There really are no shifts. The closest you'll get to a "shift" is AM, PM or Midnight shift. For example on AM shift your job can start at 4am and end at 12pm or later or it can start at 1130am and end at 730pm or later. It's a very big time range for each "shift", we call the "tour" though. AM Tour for example. Your time will be eaten up by this job while your extra extra but enjoy that money because when it comes time to pick, unless your lucky, you'll see less of those 90+ hour paychecks. Enjoy it and have fun while being safe at the same time.
  4. Thanks for the response guys. I'll just stick it out. They say it's always a bad move to not go with your first choice/gut instinct anyway. I picked what I picked for a reason. Might as well stop double checking the board and doubting my choices.
  5. Quick question for someone who's been on the job for a while. Now I know the pick is done, but if there is a job that's still open on a certain day and I wanna switch my job I picked for that day to the one that is open and wasn't picked by anyone, can I call the pick office and have them change it before the pick starts Sunday?
  6. Yes it does add up but I don't drive. As soon as I dump I'm on the next thing outta the terminal. If I have time til the next interval leaves I'll go fill one out. By all means everyone should claim all time worked. This way they can adjust these work programs so were not always getting late clears. I ALWAYS fill out one for the 1 line no matter how many minutes. You earned it on that line.
  7. I've had partners that give me the sad face because I don't want to go claim 5 +3 with them. Smh I personally will not waste 10 extra minutes of my time to get paid for 5mins. Not worth it to me, especially if the office is a walk away. Anything less than 10 minutes late clear is for the good of the service to me . 10 mins or better, I'll go fill one out. Sometimes 15 mins or better is my minimum.
  8. That is true but I look at things only positively. If I were him I'm not thinking about failing or not making probation. Just wouldn't be a thought in my head just like it wasn't a thought in my head when I came off the street to be a T/O. Of course he should do what he thinks is best for him at all costs but my mind frame is not one of doubt. Opportunity knocks, I go for it ASAP because tomorrow isn't promised. Just understand the consequences of your actions to the fullest extent and you wil be determined to not fail or sway.
  9. It's because you took the open competitive test. Since it's open competitive, you will be processed like your coming in for the first time like everyone else. If you would have taken the promotional exam, the process would have been different.
  10. I suggest you take the T/O position now, that's if you really want it, because you never know when they will slow down hiring. If you finish probation as a CR, and go to T/O, you will have to do probation all over again anyway. If you want to be a T/O, I suggest you go for it now because tomorrow is not always promised. Hiring could cease or slow down at any moment. Plus your letting dozens of people in front of you seniority wise. A couple of bodies can make a huge difference pick wise let alone dozens possibly hundreds depending on how long you wait.
  11. Na I'm not going in on my RDO to check the sheets lol. I just check IVR or call the crew office because sometimes I'll call the ivr and they won't have a job on there for me so I have no choice but to call the crew office. I say always check the sheets because they have been clutch for me since I hit the road over a year ago. I've called the crew office before and they told me the wrong job so I try to stick to the sheets. Always get the name of the dispatcher you speak to when you call the crew office for your job. I'm glad I finally got to pick. Don't have to deal with the crew office that much anymore. Your rdos may get shuffled around for a bit but by the time the next pick starts you will move waaaaaaaay up on the xtra xtra list so things should change for you. So many guys got to pick its ridiculous. A lot of people will move up on the xx list.
  12. Tommy John, the best thing I learned down here is to always try to have things in black & white on paper. Always follow the sheets!!!!! Whether the sheets are right or wrong, you won't get in trouble because it was on paper. Instead of getting the run around trying to explain so and so told you whatever at the crew office because they will try to pass the buck. So when it comes to jobs, ALWAYS FOLLOW WHAT THE SHEETS SAY AND ALWAYS CHECK THEM. RDOs can change last minute but it's rare. Always call to double check your RDOs on your Friday night, whatever day your Friday happens to be for the week, after 7pm. By then they should be locked in. Mard, the exams aren't hard at all if you pay attention and apply yourself. Not hard at all. You will go over signals everyday. No reason you should fail. If you fail that means you weren't applying yourself and really didn't want the job or take the training seriously. Yes people have failed and been dismissed. 2 from my class alone were sent back to conductor for exam failures. A couple more from my class fired after school car while on probation for too many incidents. So yes they have no sympathy with letting you go. So pass those tests. And when you hit the road, don't hit signals, overrun stations and don't book off/call out a lot. Simple as that. It's not rocket science. Pretty simple once you put the notes and words into hands on action. Study those signals as often as possible. It was easy for me but may not be for others. The learning curve is huge between people. You will be fine. Your here in the forum so that says a lot. Shows you want the job.
  13. Yup pick was great. Xtra xtra for a year and a few months but seemed like forever. I truly sympathize with those that were xtra xtra for 5 years. That's crazy. I actually feel bad for the people they finish up the hiring blitz with because once they get their numbers together, those last few hires will be xtra xtra for years also as movement slows down. We came in at the right time I guess. They say it's rare you get RDO relief on the AMs with good jobs on your first pick. I could have gotten 5 straight days on the line I picked but decided I'll pick 1 day somewhere else to break up the routine a bit. There's been times where I've been scheduled less that 10 hours between jobs. A couple times I had late clears and wound up with less that 8 hours between jobs smh. Sometimes I called them to change my next day job, sometimes I just stuck it out. Depends on how I felt. Work with the crew office and they will work with you.
  14. Knock on wood. Well ive been lucky enough to have been kept on the same tour since I came out of school car in february. Only thing that has change were my RDOs, once. They changed them when the new pick started in June but it was cool. Idk about you guys but i LOVE AMs. I love the rush hour, the crazy crowds of people, operating a packed to capacity train and moving that sucker swiftly yet safely and getting everyone to work on time. I like when control center starts going crazy when the road blows up. That radio gets entertaining. AMs makes me feel more like a train operator. If i were on midnights id be bored as hell and would probably fall asleep or something crazy cuz its too quiet. Some early AM jobs i get a taste of the all greens and no customers. I dont like it, too boring.
  15. Welp, it felt good today reporting to work and not seeing that dreaded PROBATIONARY underneath my name on the sign in sheet highlighted in yellow. Finally done with probation and "secured" my title. But as they say, your on probation your whole career and ima treat it that way. Good luck to you all, time flies. Congrats TA17 & 16
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