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  1. If you ever want to deal with this in person you racist shitbag let me know, I will take care of you pretty quickly and easily. Maybe these guys here don't know about the real you, but I know the real you and the real you is a bag of shit. I don't need to hid behind anything. Let me know if you're ever man enough to settle this one on one.
  2. That's odd coming from you, one of the biggest racists here. I guess from your crooked viewpoint being racist towards white people is ok, but the other way around is a no-no. Change your name to pot since you haven't noticed your similarity to the kettle. Hypocritical a**hole.
  3. I knew you couldn't resist being yourself Messino. Now I wonder when you will make a racist remark since you can't help yourself.
  4. If you don't have the ability to understand, I can't dumb it down for you any further.
  5. And Transit employees talk a lot of shit too. If you go to work with Transit, you will be hearing employees always saying every pick that the pick was canceled. They talk shit because they have no lives and nothing better to do, so they make stuff up. You start believing everything a Transit worker says, you won't be employed with Transit for long.
  6. You don't need to convince me of anything. Look up the address for the Transit adjudication bureau, then go in without weapons, they have a metal detector and ask for your summons history. You will have to come back a week later to get it. Report to Transit whatever shows up.
  7. Yale associates does the background check along with a credit check. Transit does not hire felons.
  8. If you get called in for the medical, you are hired. They will swear you in that day and at a later date will call you to tell you when to report.
  9. When you get the letter, you decline and say I cannot accept this position at this time. Not showing up and not responding removes you from the list until you ask in writing to be reinstated.
  10. It is a violation and not a misdemeanor, but it is a violation with Transit. Lying about it is employment suicide.
  11. No. They only let you choose when that class has both divisions needing people at that time. In your case, they only had A division needs at that time.
  12. No. It doesn't work that way. The drug test is day one. When they call you in for the physical everything else is done.
  13. It was a Transit ticket, it will show up at the Transit Adjudication Bureau in the Borough Hall area of Brooklyn. Go there to get the info. If it shows up, you have to report it because obviously it's Transit. If I'm not mistaken, the summonses only show up for 10 or 13 years. After that, there would be no record, unless you never paid it, but you say you did.
  14. Messino, I thought you said you were too good for this job.
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