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  1. About Damn time lol see I told you they will call you! Congrats and get ready for these late late nights and early early mornings...
  2. Lisa are you going to come on this forum every day just to repeat yourself and ask the same questions??? Damn you asking these questions over and over again ain't gonna get you a letter in the mail. You need to cut it and chill out Damn girl just wait... I'm telling you they will chew your ass up on here two people quit in my class already cause they couldn't take the heat....I suggest you stop asking people what do they think stop guessing and just secretly call them when you want and just WAIT UNTIL YOUR NAME IS CALLED!!!
  3. Lisa sign out pleasee omg if you get this job and get to school car you will get dogged out they don't like repetitive questions. .. I'm not sure this job will be for you. You need to read and stop asking the same crazy questions over and over and over again pleease!!!!
  4. Can't we wear our masks we are given? I've heard about this as well.... how long have you been on the road and what is your title?
  5. Ammo one thing I can say about these past few days is that they do NOT like repetitive questions.... they will get angry with you and tell you about yourself. They are very blunt.... Lisa you need to stop asking too many questions most of us don't have your answers and if we do they are what we have read on here some where else online or something an official at Transit relayed to us... please understand that Lisa... What we found out today is that people who were calling from the lists were skipping people and calling people they knew or calling people for someone else. That is one thing they said they are fixing now... That's why some people in the 5 thousands haven't been called yet because they have been skipped....it's supposed to go in order
  6. Lisa I don't know maybe there will be if you haven't gotten called by December then I guess they won't call.. if they call you in September then maybe you will go to a class in December listen the information I posted earlier were from exam officials at training. I don't know anything else other than what I posted. Any other information can be obtained from 180 livingston
  7. Because they have a new list and this list has been out for "too long" now as they say.. people took this exam from 2004 not only 2008 it's a very old list, and I am humbled, thankful and blessed that my list number was even called.... and your welcome Lisa but hope it not lost because the list is moving fast... remember that wait until September and see if you will get called by then...
  8. Your conductor friend wouldn't know the new exam that people have already taken is 6601 47,000 people have taken this exam April and May of this year. As I have said the person who is in charge of MTA DCAS exams is the person who relayed this information to us. I made sure to ask him twice. Whenever you get to training you will meet him and hear the same information.... A lot of people who have taken this new exam don't even know they will have a second exam.... This is something new that was added to the 6601 exam because they want to eliminate people who cannot speak clearly and repeat what was just spoken to them. They will also take a reading comprehension exam. If they fail any portion of it they will be disqualified.. Lisa, December the exam ends... they said it has been out for very long it was supposed to expire 4 years after they started calling names from it but they always extended it....
  9. Oh and another thing... if you fail this second exam that they will give you for this new list then you will be disqualified from the position..
  10. Ok here's the deal guys, and this is from a person who are in charge of all MTA/dcas exams.... This list is ending in December. After December they will not call anyone else from that list. Now for those who have taken the new conductor exam once your name is called from the list you will have to take an additional exam... they are not making it easy anymore.... so once again 8094 is done in December not february. This is the last year for that exam... To those of you who are still waiting don't give up hope yet... your name can still be called. The issue is that people are being skipped. So transit is trying to fix that issue....
  11. The first day is orientation where they give you a lot of information about the position.. you hand in all of your medical information and any other paperwork you were given when you were sworn in. You stay there all day... It wasn't that bad the day went by pretty quick.... everyone was happy excited and very friendly. The orientation was mixed up of people from different positions but once we go to our training classes we will all be split up according to our positions... TO goes to TO training class and CR goes to their classes...
  12. Yes you should bring it with you to your second appointment....
  13. Maybe so, I'm definitely not too sure about that.. when I was at final processing speaking to others we didn't discuss our list numbers so I am really not sure what numbers they will have once class starts.. as far as what I have been told from HR while waiting for my final process they were calling people who were in the 4800s... In for their final process
  14. If I can find that out I will let you know
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