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  1. The list from the 2008 exam must have expired. I know it was extended another year but that was Aug 2016. The MTA is very slow in starting this process.
  2. There is a medical exam for Station Agent?
  3. Who knows.. I will call first to find out what the heck is going on. Either Ms. Michelle Rivera-Vargas or DCAS themselves. Like Erik said even if you have to go down in person, do what you have to do. They are hiring so many people each day that sometimes they don't even know what their doing. Good luck to you!!!
  4. Let me weight in on this being that I went through the same thing. If you don't clear your medical in time before they start pulling more names off the list then you will have to reinstate your name back on the list. Meaning unfortunately once you are called again when they pull the next batch of names off the list again, you will have to do the drug test & medical exam all over again. But the good news is you will have top seniority over all the people that were called along with you.???????????? And what I read this Conductor list was extended again.????????????
  5. Thanks Will,thanks a lot. Ur a wonderful guy..
  6. Wha happened Will?? Message won't go through?
  7. I hear u. U should b hearin something pretty soon. Did u do ur lab/drug test??
  8. R u in da Dec 26th class? Wha is ur list # range?
  9. That lady behind counter #3 on the far left is truly an a**hole.
  10. One main problem with 180 Livingston is understaffed & a couple people down there should take a course in common courtesy. Anyway, her e-mail address is Michelle.Rivera-Vargas@nyct.com
  11. It varies from each position & division.
  12. It depends on what Division you go into. Division B is a bit longer than Division A.
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