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  1. American transit construction costs have a tendency to get quite high due to political mismanagement...
  2. I guess they classify it as revenue track to avoid holding up other trains...
  3. to Jamaica-179, either to 121 or 111...
  4. Isn't the whole point of the Dyre line that it is almost flat and straight and that fairly high speeds could be reached on it in both directions?
  5. A FIND would only be useful if trains get rerouted, and I wouldn't expect a train in passenger service on the to be diverted onto Broadway/Astoria. If a station is closed, the dot for it is simply disabled...
  6. Not ADA, the DDA/Equality Act. One thing, LU also has a tendency for cancelling step-free access schemes, but if a station gets a rebuild, step-free access is usually provided. (Except at Shepherd's Bush, which became a scandal of it's own in 2008 IIRC, it was closed for years and then reopened without the promised elevators). EDIT: I also forgot to mention that TfL (basically London's MTA) has been practically bankrupt for a long time, yet they are still busy building new lines and rebuilding stations.
  7. More stations. While Bank arguably has the biggest gap, there are way more. From the top of my head, Embankment (still even on the original early 1970s announcement, northbound Northern), Piccadilly Circus (Bakerloo), Victoria, Liverpool Street (Central), Paddington (Bakerloo), Waterloo (Bakerloo), Bank (Central), Tower Hill (Circle & District)...
  8. No, sharp curves will be an ADA problem, whatever you do. If you have a solution for every large gap on a curve, mind solving this one? It's a busy line, and large interchange station, the trains are automatically controlled (with a person on the front of the train), straightening is impossible due to the Bank of England's vaults... I can assure everyone in this thread that he either won't respond, or will respond with just closing the end doors which causes massive problems.
  9. The best solution, is, indeed to have a raised part of the platform around the fifth and the sixth car at every station. Raising the entire platform is prohibitively expensive and a waste of money.
  10. Because it would either require replacing all the motors in every unit, or would create maintenance hell in Corona Yard, with 2 sets of spare parts, one for MITRAC, other for the other system. It wouldn't be worth it.
  11. Effectively saying F*** you to disabled people will cause a huge shitstorm and PR disaster for the MTA, and severe curves, coupled with a platform that isn't level with the train floor isn't quite accessible. Also, the gap fillers would probably need to be replaced.
  12. It makes a station look much more pleasant, instead of fluorescent tubes everywhere combined with dark colours and columns everywhere. It's what makes a lot of stations look unpleasant.

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