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  1. I have not actually. I had recently started looking into MTA careers in the last month or so. I guess I will just keep checking for any updated positions to get my foot in the door in the mean time.
  2. Got it. Thank you for your insight and I appreciate the help. Would you happen to know if the MTA bus operator is open competitive?
  3. Hi everyone, It seems as I have just missed the MTA TO exam according to what I have been searching for online. Still with that said, can someone please give me a step to step walk through on the complete process of becoming a MTA TO (including what exams I have to take, where do I apply, time frames, any study guides available for the exams etc.) and if anyone may know when the next exam may be? I have been driving a NYC Yellow Cab for the past 6 years and also have completed my Masters degree in a Health/fitness related field. However, the job market is not the greatest for me right now and I am looking to make a transition into the MTA due to career stabilty. With my experience in the transportation business across NYC, I know I can do well in the MTA if given the chance. Thank you all in advance for any help or input. Jazz
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