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  1. Cancelled road trips due to lack of available equipment, limited equipment to practice troubleshooting and do yard moves (cuts & adds). Our instructors were Goding & Moran. The 1st couple of weeks we had Jones, Shah, Hill and Labianca (sp?). A couple of times they pulled one of our instructors to cover another class leaving us with one TSS.
  2. Just a few minor bumps along the road...TB-37 still has the original 10!! Two weeks of Yard Posting, 1 week of Road Ops, then 3 months of Yard Posting.
  3. A little piece of advice that I followed - if you're told to get there at 7:30a - try to arrive at least a half hour early. Keep in mind MTA is hiring for other positions and current employees are called to this location for various reasons. Medicals and drug tests (for the most part) are based on a first come first served basis. I recall the day of my drug test leaving before 11a and some folks were still waiting to turn in their initial 10-page app in order to wait on line to give a sample.
  4. I was told when I took the DT it could be anywhere from 1 to 90 days. Someone who took the test the same day as me (1/31) was called immediately ( I think the very next day). I finally got called mid-March and was sworn in for the 3/25 class. Longest month and a half in my life!! The fingerprint fee is $91.50 - should be on your 1st check. GL all!!
  5. There are 3 B Division classes from the 3/25 class.
  6. I'm in the B Division. I'm thinking this may be the 1st Class where they had to force folks into the B.
  7. Thanks Vic & Kevin!! I won't have to spend my weekend off wondering.
  8. I'm pretty sure this has been mentioned, but just in case....In my opinion, with all of the upcoming T/O retirements combined with the recent TSS test (a promo exam for T/O's) the MTA will be putting 8098 list to good use. Good luck all!!
  9. Hey Kevin - We just found out Friday (but haven't met them yet). Jones & Moran. All of the TSS's we've met so far have been great and informative. No one sugar-coated anything. Pretty much told us what to expect and kept things interesting. Our last two were Hill & Shah - Shah had us laughing right up till we were released Friday.
  10. It's best to get there between 6:45a and 7:00a. The day of my drug test I arrived 7:05a and was out by 11:00a. As opposed to some of the folks that got there close to 7:30. Some of them were still waiting to go back to give a sample. Keep in mind that other lists are active and current MTA Employees report to 180 Livingston for medical testing as well. Good luck all! :-)
  11. When the TSS mentioned that, he followed it by saying they're still trying to play catch up with all of the T/O's retiring. IMO, I think it's just a lack of available TSS's to conduct the training.
  12. I I was hoping that I was able to pick ahead of most. I think there were quite a few who were finally released from Medical Hold and there were a couple of Promo's as well. A little more than half the class picked in front of me. Yeah, I'm hoping for the few locations that are remotely close to the BX. Once the A Line is fully operational - that's gonna become the longest line again. Superstom Sandy's damage cut about 25 min. off the length. I just hope like hell when all the repairs are done - Mott Ave/Far Rock ISN'T a reporting location because with my luck I'll get thrown there.
  13. Yeah...Had my feelings hurt today - got thrown in the B. Hopefully we'll get most of the weekends off during Schoolcar. :-/ Still happy I'm hired, but I'll always have it in the back of my mind that I'll live close to quite a few A Div reporting locations. BTW, the TSS who spoke with us today said there's no April class scheduled as of yet, but there's a lot of folks still retiring.
  14. Thanks for the words of advice Etrain. It's been a long time coming - hope the 3/25 class has great instructors like the ones mentioned thus far.
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