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  1. No... I get the idea but the Q7 nah.... Q111 Could be extended from Francis Lewis to Green Acres
  2. All RTS in Jamaica are OOS to be shipped to Eastchester on Monday... with that said No More RTS in Queens‼️
  3. Your Q7 idea had me up until I seen the part about terminating at Locust Manor Station.... now that idea makes NO sense at all being that the surrounding buses already there (Q3. Q85) No need for a 3rd Bus... what I WOULD do is have the 7 go to the Post Office via the Cargo Area... I think that option of the Q6 and Q7 to the Post Office would work
  4. The way it’s looking... Flatbush will get NGs East NY.. XDs and OGs... UP.. XDs Jamaica... LFS (1st Gen) XDs NGs Quill... XDs correct me if I’m wrong here
  5. Those 7600s were the replacements.... Your XD60s are brand new... what more do you want really ? The NGs are the only hand me downs you get and those will probably come from Staten Island Flatbush Depot Age is good... once RTS is gone
  6. IMO unless it’s a sighting or and order update post about R179s all the CBTC / FF chat should be moved 🤷🏾‍♂️... it messes up the chat already in progress by going off topic.. Granted it’s relevant to an extent but honestly people would probably care more about the 5 car order than the CBTC / FF chat I’m just saying 😎
  7. lol y’all got newer ones... Flatbush is ok with XDs right now... 73xx’s were expendable 🤷🏾‍♂️ It’s happens often in the world of MTA 😂😂😂😂
  8. Was sent a pic of XD60 6128 with MCH decals this morning during rush hour will post it in a few
  9. 4901,5157,5164 OOS fairboxes and radios removed Jamaica is down to 5 RTS left
  10. Funny part is when I was saying the 4700s to Bklyn a while ago every was shooting that idea down... now look lol
  11. That’s odd... wondering why QV would send some LFS back when they need every bus they could use right now...
  12. XDs hold more people... the LFS doesn’t... Brooklyn depots wouldn’t be good for LFS because of that issue Queens and Staten Island terrain wise are setup better for LFS... the Bronx can handle anything Manhattan simply because it’s just too dense.. LFSA’s outside of Crosstown Routes don’t work M15SBS is a prime example of why they don’t work... it’s killing the 1200s right now. XD60s would do the route much better in the long run
  13. True... they could as I’ve seen a few unwrapped at TU... and 2 wrapped at MCH... but hear me out.. I was speaking with a friend and we were throwing ideas out there and 1 was Gun Hill’s 4700s to GA... in return GH takes 1200s from MCH once there order comes in... Flatbush 5300s still go to the Bronx but they are spread out to who needs them...
  14. 53xx’s to Grand make sense... B38 and Q58 conversion to Artic service

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