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  1. Don’t wanna start any rumors but it looks like KB might’ve washed there hands with them…. They might end up somewhere else stay tuned
  2. Was just on a 179 A train... 207th Bound... caught it at Utica and rode it to Jay St.... they are definitely coasting into each stop doing like 10mph or less
  3. 179 was seen on the L Wednesday Night car 3130 was definitely recorded... saw this video on Facebook this morning
  4. All of the 1200s that are unwrapped only have the face wrapped
  5. 1239... 1254 unwrapped 1200s days on M15SBS are coming to and end... the question is if they will to to Kingsbridge Wesr Farms or 100st ?
  6. 1239 unwrapped as well... I have pics of 1247 unwrapped in service on SBS today
  7. someone explain what 5525 is doing on the M15SBS 🤔 It was behind 6128 too... this is interesting
  8. Thank you... I didnt wanna correct him... I KNOW what I saw... it pulled up at Catherine St 6138... I got on it...Rode it to Grand St which is the next SBS stop.. got off and it took off... I should’ve gotten pictures of it at the time
  9. I had the opportunity to snap a photo but I didnt wanna look like a super foamer... it was around 9pm last night.. it’s the only one I’ve seen in service so far... but drivers have told me they have done driver training on it and that they have 3 XD60s in the Depot
  10. 6138 on the M15SBS last night seen at Grand St headed to 125th St it wasn’t tracking
  11. The G makes sense for weekends and I would even push for overnights too... the M to 96th on weekends works perfectly... R needs help on 4th Ave... I’m not opposed of the J or even giving the Z it’s own life by having the Z go to Bay Ridge
  12. Q30/31 run down Archer (East) and up (West) Jamaica... Q43 since I can remember never touched Jamaica Ave... always ran up Sutphin to Hillside from the Archer Ave side of Jamaica Station
  13. No... I get the idea but the Q7 nah.... Q111 Could be extended from Francis Lewis to Green Acres
  14. All RTS in Jamaica are OOS to be shipped to Eastchester on Monday... with that said No More RTS in Queens‼️

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