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  1. All im saying is that while my class is out doing road operations we are really testing the limits of these trains. So if anyone in school car is reading this make sure you use your road ops time to make the mistakes so that you can perfect your operation. Just dont make a bad enough mistake to where you have to fill out a g2.
  2. Started PM road ops last week. My A div class took a R42 back and forth over the willy b to practice the grade timers and i must say i never seen that many signals back to back. now that i got used to working 1900-0300 im wide awake.
  3. in the A div there are R142/142A and R62/62A.
  4. i dont think this works especially on the 7 line with 90 second intervals. With some stations on inclines a T/O has to approach at high speed so that momentum takes the train to the stop maker without stopping short or rolling back. whats next they gonna shut 3rd rail power off in the stations when it isnt being occupied by a train to prevent people from getting electricuted.
  5. Now that yard posting is over and the STRESS of passing the signal exam/practical is behind us im starting to feel like a real T/O. 2 weeks of road ops ahead. school car is flying by. All you guys in school car yard posting make sure you use the down time to get the signals perfected. yes there will be plenty down time so use it wisely
  6. First yard practical and mid term is finally over with. next week we start yard posting and after that we take the signal exam and practical. Its moving by fast
  7. Other than front car operation was cool today. This must be horrible for work train operators that have to stand out in the cold to do all the flagging. Gotta trust that person up front giving directions or things could get nasty real quick.
  8. If you want advice as far as the medical is concerned you should try to have yourself checked out by your regular doctor just to make sure you dont have any issues with passing the MTA medical exam. Thats what i did and i did not have any problems passing the medical. i didnt want to be placed on HOLD.
  9. One of my instructors use it as an extension for his arm to trip circuits(usually B2circuit R62) while were trying to do a brake test to see if we notice the problem. LOL
  10. they combined Our whole induction class of T/O's that started 11/12 to do third rail jumpers and hand thrown switch today. 3rd rail jumpers was interesting but not as scary as i thought from watching the video. hand thrown switches seems like it should be an exhibit in the TA museum. i guess the ciyd is still having problems so we did it at the 207yd. We havent been on the road as much as other classes but it appears that my class is getting a bit more prep for the first practical and a lot of good take home material to help prep us for the signals test.
  11. The "real" background check takes place while we are in school car. Thats why you want to have your ducks in a row because you dont want them to pull you out of class and have them tell you to resign because of something you didnt disclose in that 21 page booklet.
  12. Damn. I dont have a former title to go back to so im in it to win it.
  13. Wow. how did you guys lose the 2 people?
  14. I meant R62/62A. i Still get confused on which is which
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