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  1. I should be getting called soon. Looking forward to meeting you and the other members in this forum.
  2. This is a Personal career preference. I took every test that was available to get my foot in the door into Transit. When it comes to wage scale, REMs make a $1.13 more than TOs and the math is only $2350.40 more a year. OT comes around once and a while unlike OT in RTO which is built into the jobs. There are more promotional opportunities in RTO as well.....I could go on and on but this is what I want and choose to do. When it comes to traveling it's no problem for me. Traveling is what I do.
  3. Transit wants you to take care of all traffic violations and parking tickets before you are hired. The employment center can pull your driving record right away. They will find out even if you don't tell them on the pre-employment paperwork. Get it taking care of when you can. You got a least a year until you get your score.
  4. My title right now is Revenue Equipment Maintainer. I went through the Transit Certificate Program so that I would be eligible to take the exam. I'm ready to do this with a full size cargo bag on hand. If I can't get the number to school call after passing the medical I will definitely hit you up for it Brother. See you on the road.
  5. Thank you for the feedback. I'm not going to sweat this any longer. Before I was anxious now I realize that they have a new way of doing things. Unorganized is right.
  6. I heard that the list will be put out around mid July to mid August. Is there a union rep in RTO with any feedback on when the list will be established?
  7. Good luck in school car. I went down to the employment center and the person behind the desk told me to call DCAS. This has been frustrating since transit took over the exams.
  8. I know some folks decided to take the promotion to Conductor instead of waiting to be called for T/O. I'll have to go down to 180 Livingston and see what's up. So far I haven't received my results from the exam.
  9. Congradulations. Are you being hired from the list as a provisional hire or permanent hire from the promotional list?
  10. Has anyone received their test score for the Promotional Train Operator exam? I've been emailing the exam unit and they replied that the list is being put together.
  11. Yes. This was taken from the chief-leader website. They probably have a few more people to finish processing before they finally end the list.
  12. Don't give up yet on exam 8094 Conductor List 8094 Extended Feb 1, 2017 Updated 1 hr ago 0 Whereas a restriction against the filling of vacancies due to budgetary constraints has limited the number of Conductors the New York City Transit Authority has been able to appoint, on Feb. 1, 2017, the duration of the existing list for this title, based on Exam No. 8094, was extended to February 16, 2018. The test was given on Dec. 6, 2008 and the resulting list established in May 2011
  13. I'll have to wait for the next exam which will be in a few years. I'm in line to get into the Electronic Equipment of Revenue Equipment department when the list is called. Hell I'll take a provisional position in either departments right now. The T/O Open Competivie may not be available down the road but I've learned that you have to keep your options open. .
  14. RTO - i'm 6'2'' and I seriously thinking about being a Train Operator. How comfortable is the cab seating for the long legged people?
  15. Welcome to the forum. I trying to get on with the MTA myself as a Electronic Equipment Maintainer or a Revenue Equipment Maintainer and the waiting is taking a long time but the day will come.
  16. I wouldn't sweat it. I worked for multiple staffing agencies over the summer while in school, and most if not all either got bought out by another company, went out of business, or the parent company only appears on my SS print out. For the most part all of the companies that went out of business have a c/o attorney name and address under the company name. Use the information from your the Social Security print out and you will be good. The company you worked for might have been a subsidiary in any event its the parent company that was cutting you a check. Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. That something to think about. How long is the temporary position and will you have paid time off from work. I got called down for a temp position after taking the Electronics Maintaner exam and I can't see giving up paid time off, no weekend work, and working from home to boot. But if I was out of work I would gladly except the temporary position.
  18. Hello All, MTA TRAVELER here. Nyctransitforum is the best website all around for those interested in bus and rail transportations. My interest began with the help of my father who worked for NYCT in the elevator and escalator department. Almost every Sunday he would take me to different locations in the city primarily on the J, A, F and E lines. It was real fun because you could look directly out the window on the R-40 cars and see the operation of signals and switches. It's a no wonder that I am working in the telecommunication field as a Transport Engineer. But since this telecom business is shaking in terms of lengthy employment, I going to return to NYC and work for NYCT where ever I can get my foot in the door. Why not work in a field that you enjoy, of course dealing with the public can be a hassle at times. But, when the recessions hit it will be a small sacrifice. Cheers!!!
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