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  1. Yepp, road ops start tonight. I go in at 1900 and thats till next week. Im guessing your in the class before me and If youre in the A Div you have TSS Magri, right?
  2. Wow I havn't been in here in a long time. As of right now I heard they are in the Mid 600's for drug testing and all, as per someones info. Idk how accurate that is though since I barely been on here since New Years. I started schoolcar on 12/17 and it has been pretty awesome. To all the people starting soon or just started, get your sleep and PAY ATTENTION! Information becomes alot easier to understand if you ask questions and pay attention. I just took my signal test yesterday and got 100%. Thats a must. But the test is pretty straightfoward and fairly simple. SIGNALS SIGNALS SIGNALS...........learn them and keep them in your head. If you do so the signal test will be a breeze. I beat myself up over it and when I got the test I was like "Really??" It's been quite an experience so far and I've enjoyed every moment of it. We got road ops starting next week, and thats going to be2 weeks. After that is the 2nd yard Practical, and Road Posting. Then the finals and all that fun stuff. But to everyone that just got on, good luck, and to the people that are real close, your time is coming soon!
  3. I tried to register on the site. I watched the video, and followed the link. The link wants me to LOG IN. I cant log in if I didnt register. This is so damn annoying.
  4. Can Some one who is in schoolcar or a regular employee, help me out real quick?? I want to set up my direct deposit. Im looking all over TENS and I cant find the link to it. If anyone can help me thatd be awesome. Thanks!!
  5. Thanks! A couple of the TSS' said there will be classes Jan, Feb, and March. No official dates though
  6. I dont mind waking up too early. I just want to stop being sick. Its cutting into my sleep coighing so damn much. I even lost my voice. Ive been sick since Thanksgiving. I pretty have the stage before walking Pneumonia. But im on a pump which is helping a bit on the cough,wheezing and shortness of breath. Were not in the field yet. Were still at PS 248 till Monday I believe. So far TSS Morales was in there and some guy with a moustache. I like both of them. Tomorrow we get Manning and someone else.
  7. I didnt get a check yet. But uniforms are NOT taken outta the check.
  8. A few more months of what? Being sick haha? That I dont want. I wanna learn already! Im at the school right now waiting for the TSS'. The gym has vending machines in it, which say "No eating or drinking in the gym" lolol Were getting fitted tomorrow. We get a bunch of stuff! Now I gotta make room for it which wont be easy haha
  9. Yep 8am!! When they got to me there was only one B spot left. I took the A tho. Thats what I wanted. All the B picks did get gobbled up tho. Btw Im the person coughing non stop the last two days during orientation lol. Sucks being sick especially starting out a new job, waking up at 5 am
  10. Thank God! Its like people are like trying to freakin one up each other here. Im just here BSing with people picking up a few tidbits and whatnot and some of these morons have to argue with each other about the stupidest S@&T
  11. Wow. Ive come to the conclusion that a bunch of you are idiots. With a few exceptions.
  12. Dont forget the .0375 haha. I wonder why they Make the cents portion of the salary go all the way to the ten thousanths lol
  13. It took em six weeks to call me back. Also Hurricane Sandy postponed my class for 2 weeks also. Even with that it would have taken 3-4 weeks anyways.
  14. Just like business casual. Button down and khakis or something like that. But when you go for orientation after you get sworn in you wear a dark blue collared shirt and black pants.
  15. probably cuz its seems like I would do a bit less traveling. I just hope I have enough seniority where Im in the top 20 to pick my division and not worry about it. The A division is supposedly easier but IDC nothings easy viz i have no idea what all the rules and signals are. Im going in deaf dumb and blind haha......well minus the deaf and blind part
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