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  1. I have updated TransSee so, instead of the prediction provided by the MTA, a prediction range is generated based on the actual past travel times as recorded by TransSee. This works for vehicle on their way or on a previous trip. This applies to buses, not subways. I hope you'll find this useful.
  2. I've recently added logging of MTA bus and subway locations every 40 seconds to TransSee, my transit prediction and tracking web app at https://www.transsee.ca/routelist?a=mta TransSee standard features: Predictions with maps, schedule adherence and prediction times for all upcoming buses Vehicle locations by route For buses, vehicle locations by fleet number range Route and system maps Supports all mobile devices and desktop with clean, efficient HTML TransSee premium features: Removes ads Removes limits on fleet search These features are free for routes B1 to B9 and subway lines 1 to 6, but routes require premium: View logged trips by route or vehicle. View the path each vehicle took on its trip and its schedule adherence. For a stop, see each vehicle that served it for a day and data like gaps between buses and schedule adherence. For any two stops on a route, see how long each trip took to travel between them.
  3. I've added support for Metro-North on TransSee: https://www.transsee.ca/routelist?a=metronorth Since I've last posted, the C line on the subway was activated and the MTA started generating a new subway schedule every day and TransSee incorporates those.
  4. The subway predictions are now avialable publically. https://www.transsee.ca/routelist?a=mta I also changed it so that is shows the actual destination station rather then the scheduled one.
  5. I have recently added predictions and vehicle tracking to TransSee. https://www.transsee.ca/routelist?a=mta#B100
  6. I've added the MTA Bus Company routes to TransSee. https://www.transsee.ca/routelist?a=mta Right now they are listed after the regular routes. I'm guessing that it would be better to sort them all together?
  7. The TransSee webapp should have all the bus routes supported by BusTime.Can you give an example of a route that is missing and I can look into if there is data available.
  8. When I checked early this morning the feed was returning times for about 10:00PM last night. I checked again just now and it is working again. I guess it is just as beta as the other lettered lines.
  9. It looks like all available lines are working right now. There was a problem that caused all trains to appear to be at the same location. The feeds where changed to make them more consistant. I don't know it that caused the locations to be wrong when Abba was testing. More feedback on prediction and location reliability and track numbers is welcome.
  10. I haven't received any feedback on whether the train locations or predictions are more accurate for the lettered lines. I've added the track number to the predictions. The MTA documentation says this about the numbers: I would like the translate the numbers into something more meaningful. It seems like the switches from the first numbering to the second numbering around 135th St. The follows the second numbering and for the SIR 1 is northbound and 2 is southbound. This might make more sense for someone who is from New York.
  11. My website, TransSee, has supported MTA bus predictions for a while. I've been working on subway predictions, but it needs some testing. Lines and seem to work well with the predictions and train locations consistent with each other and the official subway time predictions. Line has no train locations, but it has predictions. For SIR the predictions and locations provided by the MTA are inconsistent. The predictions will count down to 0 while the location information says the train is 2 or 3 stops away. From Toronto I can tell which is correct. It is also possible the locations are consistently off by 1 station. It would be really good if someone on the ground watching the trains can let me know if the predictions or the locations are right. Knowing that I should be able to correct the prediction or the location. Lines are still beta according to the MTA. There have been a lot of fluctuations over the last two weeks, but right now it seems to be working like the SIR, although recently they working better and sometimes not at all. The subway predictions aren't accessible through the main TransSee site, only through this url: https://www.transsee.ca/routelist?a=mtasubway Please let me know if this what works and what doesn't
  12. For people interested in photographing these buses, my website, TransSee, can give you the real-time location, route and direction for buses by fleet number. The option is at the bottom of the MTA route list. It even supports commas and dashes for ranges use by the lists on the first post on this thread. (It also provides arrival predictions.)
  13. You should look at TransSee 2.0. The old website only worked with the unmaintained Nextbus data. The new version works with the OneBusAway data, so all routes are supported with predictions for all buses. I'm working on add all the small agencies from NextBus, as well. See it here https://www.transsee.ca/ I posted about Transsee in this forum here http://www.nyctransitforums.com/forums/topic/47795-transsee-20/ If you are using it everyone day, I would hope the ugliness disappears into a blur of functionality.
  14. I've made updates to my transit prediction website TransSee. It's features include: Shows time based predictions for Bronx routes from BusTime and generates its own predictions based on the scheduled travel time for all routes and buses. Can show multiple stops at once and optionally merge the predictions together. The prediction will countdown on the webpage and refresh itself every minute (configurable in the settings) Shows how far ahead or behind schedule each bus is. Show the vehicle fleet number Shows the gap between each bus Shows the scheduled headway between bus and can show statistics for the gaps and headways for each stop. Shows the stop the bus is currently closest to. A map showing the location of the stop and the closest buses (configurable in the settings) The distance away in metric or imperial. Some feature need to be turned on in the settings.
  15. I developed TransSee which uses NextBus data to predictions for some parts of NY and other cities supported by NextBus. I've been rewriting TransSee from the ground up to support more then NextBus. I've been focusing on supporting Toronto TTC via NextBus and NY MTA buses via bustime. It is still rough and lacks many of the features of the orginal but it has some interresing things that might be of interest. It shows the arrival preductions that where recently added to bustime, how far off its schedule the bus is and it generates its own predictions based on the scheduled time between where the bus is and when it will arrive at your stop. I plan to add features to bring it up where the orginal TransSee is, add more agencies and eventually collect the data to generate my own predictions with more detail and features then is currently available. Let me know what features you would like to see.
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