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  1. I am list # 75* and I took the drug test on April 11. I did not get a phone call yet. Does Anyone have the phone # HR so I can get some info? Please.
  2. Does anyone has the # to 180 livingston street H.R. ?
  3. Did anyone get a phone call yet that went in on april 11?
  4. If you dont mind me asking what list# ? \
  5. I was just wondering when did you take the drug test?
  6. 75x recevied the letter today to go in next week.also.
  7. does anyone know what is the latest and the list #. I am 75- and just waiting and bugging the mailman.
  8. thanks for the info just waiting I hate my job and can't wait to start.
  9. Has anyone received a letter yet. Please let us know what #. I am 75- .
  10. 75x and still waiting on a letter. I'm about to move soon and I would like some help to find out who do I call to change my address when I do.
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