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  1. Can you read? The person's talking about a line to Staten Island. If the LIRR wanted to they could run Stony Brook trains to Atlantic today. Unless Patrick Starr has been around shuffling New York City around I'm pretty sure building the LIRR to Staten Island from Brooklyn doesn't put a new line through Brooklyn.
  2. I wonder if London will beat us to the punch for a world first.
  3. At least this isn't Hong Kong, where Thales testing collided two trains.
  4. This is the MTA, where if the train isn't Manhattan it ain't happenin. See: the amount of service run into Atlantic Terminal, even if a service disruption occurs at Penn Station Also: that study for the Rockaway Beach Branch that was either totally f**ked up on purpose or a measure of sheer incompetence at MTACC
  5. I don't know if it was a lawsuit. I believe The Routes Not Taken chalked it up to the escalating costs of the IND, which were already increasing after initial plans had come out and before construction had happened. Similar story is why the is a two-track line. The plan at one point was for four.
  6. It's real dumb too, since physically speaking they're practically on top of each other, but instead you have to walk all the way around the to do it.
  7. Personally, I've always favored 86-Astoria (since they basically more or less line up), as a northern trunk line in Queens landing somewhere that isn't LIC. (So a Queens secondary hub like how Brooklyn has both Downtown Brooklyn and WIlliamsburg for trains to go to.)
  8. It is worth noting the context that this happened in. BOT/NYCT/MTA, until the '80s, were stuck between a rock and a hard place. They had a bunch of options Raise the fare (and risk the wrath of your boss) Slash services (and risk the wrath of your boss) Convince your boss to raise taxes Defer maintenance (and only f**k over future bosses and workers). NYC was stable/losing population rapidly. The budget and the ridership was falling as well. They had no way to see into the future and see that this would change. So they tried amputating parts to save the body. As far as what the MTA's role is, organizationally it has never been more than a glorified cash register, and it should probably have a role more reflective than that. OMNY, if it comes to the railroads, will probably the first major cross-agency project deserving of that title.
  9. Quite frankly, what's in it for the LIRR or Long Islanders? A bunch of disgruntled Stony Brook students making poor choices like commuting all the way from SI?
  10. Please don't clog up the forum with a new thread every time you think about something trivial.
  11. Quite frankly, because a thin layer of bullshit and FUD make everything seem more legit. At least for some people. It's a very strange argument to make, because Walker and Rosen are basically at odds on certain topics, like the fact that NYC has very close stop spacing compared to peer agencies in other parts of the country and the world.
  12. PTC was passed into law in 2008 and the regulation was published in 2010. The M9 RFP was issued in 2012 and awarded in 2013. This was not some "surprise" that showed up.
  13. He's a consultant who does these types of redesigns quite often. Wrote a book on them and such. However, most of the ones he works on also come with an increase in service hours, and in any case he's not currently being employed by the MTA. He also generally does this type of work in places that don't already have a grid network. NYC already has one, and while it does need to be changed up a little NYC has never been a town where all the buses run downtown/midtown anyways.
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