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  1. Yeah, I think I proposed a Jewel/73rd line to 188th way back when I was concerned with Forest Hills being a crap terminal. These days, I don't really support that, given that people would just slam the QBL express the first chance they get. I think that the best way to serve transit deserts 3 and 5, neither of which have service with an existing rail corridor, would be for a new Queens trunk line to go down either 57th St in Manhattan to Northern, or 86th St to Astoria at Main, swing down to have a transfer to the at Flushing/Main St Go down Kissena/Parsons to Jamaica Center That hits the two uncovered transit deserts in Queens as well as providing non-Manhattan links for Queens. And such a line would be future-proofed to also have a three or four-platform configuration at Main St, with a stub pointing north from Main/Northern to connect to the Bronx.
  2. Yeah, but then you have to deal with work visas, transferring whatever credentials you might have (they generally don't), US taxation on foreign income (which is dumb), US money-laundering laws (which make it hard to open bank accounts with foreign banks), etc. Some of this you would be able to abandon if you had another citizenship and could renounce your American one, but that causes its own issues and the US will make you pay a couple thousand dollars to do it. Also depending where you land, the infrastructure isn't necessarily better. Berlin's S-Bahn melted down in 2009 after three-quarters of the fleet were found to have falsified or inadequate brake inspections. BER Airport was started in 2006, supposed to open in 2012, and still hasn't opened due to an inherent design flaw that tried to ignore the laws of physics and draw smoke from below, so it's their East Side Access.
  3. Because when has the MTA ever cared about disadvantaged neighborhoods?
  4. Cuomo is a diva, water is wet, and leaving the state continues to be a great decision for my day to day quality of life.
  5. I'm having a hard time understanding. Aren't the benches three seats wide? Why would it matter if the Russian lady kept sitting where she was, wouldn't she have a seat space on either side anyways?
  6. I don't think I've seen this discussed anywhere: Has Hitachi ever made subway cars in the US?
  7. To be quite honest, I don't think that service to LGA should be a branch. It should be the main line. The ROW north of Jackson Heights is extremely challenging given that it has much higher demand. Hell Gate is used for freight, Amtrak, and soon PSA, and that doesn't leave a whole lotta room for others. Astoria was also called out in the Penn Station Access study as very challenging to build; it's much higher than Astoria-Ditmars, and the existing line is not flat in that area. Coupled with the lousy connections it could lead to in the Bronx, I don't think it's a very good Bronx-Queens line either. If you were to extend north to LGA, the Sound is a pretty shallow body of water; you could tunnel under to Hunts Point and then effectively replace the Bx6, but that's getting a little ahead of ourselves.
  8. No, modifying an existing structure underground is definitely more expensive than building a brand new one. Not to mention that you probably couldn't have an area next to the tracks under construction while trains are simultaneously running there.
  9. The problem I have with having it stop at a QBL local stop instead of an express stop is that this is supposed to speed up commutes between Brooklyn and Queens. Many riders that will be using this will not be coming to or from a place that is directly on the RX; those riders will have 3-seat rides even with an express connection. A 4-seat ride and you may as well pay those riders to take a rideshare or drive. It's not as if connecting to a local is particularly difficult at Jackson Heights, either.
  10. The ROW is only 550 feet from the far ends of Jackson Heights - Roosevelt Av and 74 St Broadway. That's shorter than the tunnel between Times Square and PABT. So you could build the lazy option and still get a pretty good transfer to the expresses.
  11. The platforms at Jay St - Metrotech are not closer to the at Hoyt. It's closer to the , but the already has a connection at Atlantic. The only way the is closer at Hoyt is if you consider it feasible to build a passageway alongside the subway at Fulton Street, which it is not. 1. Given that it was a part of the original Fulton Center plans, it would be pretty indefensible to have an ADA-inaccessible building. 2. All new construction must comply with the ADA. In system or not in system, the Dey St passageway is a newly constructed structure and must comply with ADA.
  12. It's hard to get between the two jagged lines because the roads are a f**king mess out there. I'd pray for anyone willing to take a bus route slogging it via the BQE, and that's one of the faster roads, allegedly. Los Angeles at least has its large supergrid of arterials and highways to make that particular issue irrelevant. The best thing would be to ignore the roads entirely and build connections like the from Metropolitan Village to Jackson Heights (alternatively, the RX) the Rockaway Beach Branch (though a lower priority) some type of at least partially grade separated train from Jamaica to Flushing (and beyond)
  13. They probably thought the journey was too "local" and anyone doing it could just use a bus to connect between the two areas; neither stop is too far from the end of its line. Outer borough employment has never been higher than in recent times, so there was less of a need.
  14. As part of the Fulton project the original plan had a passageway double the width divided between paid and unpaid areas. It probably would've looked similar to the passageway that connects 51st and Lex-53rd. The southern exit of Columbus Circle is at 57th St. If you were to, say, I don't know, dump thousands of jobs into LIC this would be a pretty nifty connection. Surprised no one has mentioned Fulton and Atlantic-Barclays, or the two Hoyt Sts.
  15. I hear if you say "TriboroRX" three times fast in the bathroom mirror, the cost rises by $1B.
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