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  1. bobtehpanda

    LIRR Third Track Project

    Also not completely unprecedented. The MTA owned all the land already needed for the Ronkonkoma Double Track project. They also own pretty much enough land to double track Port Jeff.
  2. bobtehpanda

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    Indeed. Currently, the only stop that far west in Brooklyn is Clark Street, which you can only access by elevator. That's not a great or affordable way to construct a station.
  3. bobtehpanda

    LIRR Third Track Project

  4. bobtehpanda

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Yup. The Second System would've essentially replaced the Broadway and Myrtle lines, practically speaking.
  5. bobtehpanda

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    You could probably do it elevated east of WPR. West of Webster, the hilly terrain is not conducive for an el. And west of WPR there is no logical place to go underground. I don't think PBP is a great place to terminate any crosstown link though; I would much rather put a combined (6) / Fordham Road terminus at Bartow/Baychester. If you want to get super foamy with it, it would be nice if they could reroute I-95 through Pelham Bay Park next to the NEC, build the elevated rail line in its stead, and use the leftover land to build dense housing and restore the road grid in the area. But that's just me.
  6. bobtehpanda

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    In general, this is true, except for the following features: Unless you want to create a shuttle, pretty much all elevated rail lines will need to go underground to connect to the existing subway. Land acquisition to demolish for tracks is very unpopular and expensive. (Parks are not a solution because under state law, to use parkland the City must create parkland equivalent to what is lost.) It's also worth noting that the solid/open floor is dated from 1915, when the most common structures would be made of cast iron and steel. Today, reinforced concrete is much more common; if you were to build a rail line today, that's what you would go with. No one is building open-floor railways anywhere in the world today.
  7. bobtehpanda

    Select Bus Service Planning

    Problem is that's all DOT. Left hand needs the right hand and vice versa. It's kind of hard to tell what the solution is; when the DOT controlled the subways and buses it got pressured into holding the fares down as the infrastructure deteriorated. Maybe a city Transportation Authority that controls all the roads and subways and buses, like LA Metro.
  8. Even so, conventions are generally secured using only a few entrances, with large lines outside, and the more hole we dig underground to make room for all this, the more money we have to spend on the station.
  9. A direct connection would be a giant safety hazard. There's a reason they have people queue outside the convention center during extremely large events.
  10. The MTA is a combined transit agency. Long Island Bus was not that hot. How well do the LIRR and Metro North work together? Etc. etc. etc.
  11. bobtehpanda

    LIRR Third Track Project

    Honestly, it's the traditional way of doing things. Buy properties whenever they come on the market (or negotiate easements) and eventually you have enough property to do the whole thing at once. It's how the original Penn Station was built, for example.
  12. The entire World Trade Center was a fiasco. The entire reason why everything was so expensive was that - They wanted the Memorial opened first, even though most of the hub is under the memorial - They wanted the running to South Ferry at all times, even though it actually runs above the main floor of the WTC Hub, so they had to maintain the train service while the Hub construction was still going around it - The Port Authority was originally in charge of the whole thing but then thought the MTA was spending too much, so they handed the site to the MTA and it turned out that it was not meeting MTA code for stations at all Basically, never have politicians dictate the schedule instead of actual managers and engineers.
  13. bobtehpanda

    September 2, 2018 Bus Route and Service Changes

    As someone who lived in the area, the Q79 is not really workable as a full bus route. A glorified LIRR shuttle is not really enough to justify running a separate bus line. If the MTA were able to offer a smaller tier of service like Translink Community Shuttles in Vancouver, it might work. Or maybe if the City contracted out a half-hourly jitney service.
  14. bobtehpanda

    LIRR And MNRR Random Thoughts Thread

    I'm just interested. Apparently it was very offensive to my Long Island friends that I (like everyone else I knew growing up in the city) pronounced as one syllable (i.e., "lerr")
  15. bobtehpanda

    LIRR And MNRR Random Thoughts Thread

    So I've heard a lot of variations on the answer to this question depending where a person grew up or currently lives. How do you, personally, pronounce 'LIRR'?


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