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  1. I think the point of OMNY is to skip the app entirely and have a bank card that goes into a standard Apple Pay or Google Wallet. If I had to guess, I would guess it's the siloed, poorly managed MTA doing what it does. Didn't Cuomo push for these apps too?
  2. Assuming the MTA doesn't come out of the woodwork and tell us SAS Phase II now costs $10B.
  3. Not only is this only being funded by PANYNJ, the way that this is probably being financed (fees on airline tickets) is, by federal law, only allowed to be used on airport-specific projects. This is the primary reason why, despite the fact that it might be a good idea for ridership in general, there are no stops between Federal Circle and Jamaica.
  4. No, BdB has always had delusional aspirations to higher office. Clinton 2016 wasn't fond of him.
  5. P&Rs are pretty pointless in the NYC subway; they're extremely low capacity for the price (to put this in perspective, a P&R in my area is $120M for 500 parking spaces, which would fill up a total of 2 R160 cars to capacity), and it's so far west in the metro area that not a whole lot of people would be saving time by driving to the parking lot. Congestion is already very bad around Alley Pond by the LIE/CIP interchange.
  6. If y'all actually vote him in for a 4th term I wish you the best of luck. No NYS Governor has ever pulled it off.
  7. Keep in mind that the youngest of these changes was proposed over 50 years ago. The bulk of the changes (1929 and 1939) would have been 80 years ago. 50+ years ago employment and residential patterns looked very different, and if these changes had been made the city would probably have grown to adapt and look different than it does today.
  8. College Point and LIE is today a massive interchange. All things considered, this would be a shitty place to get off a train. And none of the things inside the park are very close to that highway interchange; Citi Field and the US Open Center are all closer to the Flushing Line and LIRR stations. To make matters worse, pretty much only one quadrant of that area is actually developable; the west side of the interchange is Corona Park but mostly cut off by both the highways and Flushing Creek, the southeast quadrant is a cemetery. The 1968 plan has generally aggressive stop spacing, but there is a reason why College Point Blvd has been a no man's land for as long as it has. Skyview has struggled for the longest time and none of the other areas have redeveloped.
  9. I don't think anyone can argue that the current is a hell of a lot more useful than the . People only bring up the to bandy about a potential Culver Express these days.
  10. So, in a vacuum, and if we didn't have a budget crisis, this actually wouldn't be the worst idea, because walking to Hudson Yards/Javits requires you to cross lots of heavy Lincoln Tunnel traffic. To me this would basically serve the same purpose as the Fulton-WFC connector.
  11. People really need to know when it's quittin time. Too many people in this country live to work. Looks like Andy was justified in skipping town. (We already knew that but I didn't realize someone was literally going to kill themselves.)
  12. Depends on the sector. But generally speaking, higher paid blue-collar work is also more physically taxing; you earn more, but your working life will probably be shorter. Bonuses seem to be an East Coast thing, especially in finance world. Out West they like to pay partially in equity. And I've heard of crazy (read: very stupid) compensation schemes, including someone who basically tried to pitch a job to me on commission, but in fancier wording (you have no salary but you are guaranteed a percentage of revenue stream...)
  13. Yeesh. https://nypost.com/2021/01/09/moynihan-train-hall-czar-killed-himself-as-pressure-mounted/
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