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  1. I'd eat a hat if Robert Moses designed a bridge that could handle trains. In an alternate world where the MTA built subway lines at regular costs, or maybe even the ridiculously low costs of the Spaniards, you might as well forgo 678 entirely. That would actually be for the better; 678 is next to a whole lotta nothing, with compelling neighbors like a cemetery, a Trump golf course, Malba, and the NY Times printers. I'd much rather serve actual people, and build a line under Kissena or Main, head under College Point Blvd, then WPR until Parkchester , and mosey on over to E 180 St .
  2. bobtehpanda

    Second Avenue Subway Discussion

    I don't think a layup on Second Avenue in Phase II would be very useful. It's well past the point of capacity constraint (four tracks into two at 72nd), so it wouldn't actually help very much with capacity.
  3. bobtehpanda

    MTA Eagle Team Will Ride Local Routes In Future

    There's this 2012 press release. Cut in 2017 according to NYDN:
  4. It is literally illegal for the MTA, as a state agency, to award contracts on best value that have to do with construction of a public work - of course they don't do it, they're not trying wind up in jail and lose taxpayers millions in the court system fighting against contractors because they issued an illegal contract. You think the MTA has the will or ability to persuade lawmakers in Albany to do anything?
  5. bobtehpanda

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    How much of it failed because of poor marketing? It doesn't have to be businesses - a lot of Adopt-A-Highway is not businesses, for example, sometimes volunteer organizations or charities. As a counterpoint, a lot of the pedestrian plazas are managed by business partnerships and nonprofits at no cost to the city.
  6. It's not the motto. It's NYS law. And Albany and their friends wouldn't have it any other way.
  7. bobtehpanda

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    The lower level is in particularly bad shape; I saw duct tape over the escalator panels there once. Honestly, it makes you wonder if we'd be better off privatizing station maintenance. Or having some kind of Adopt-A-Highway scheme. Just something that works.
  8. bobtehpanda

    MTA Eagle Team Will Ride Local Routes In Future

    I could've sworn they just cut Eagle team positions on the local buses because they were ineffective... Best of luck, but insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.
  9. bobtehpanda

    Q70 is free ALL Thanksgiving week

    IIRC Bloomberg had that plan to make the crosstowns free for the same reason, but the MTA's bean counters balked at the (mostly paper) loss.
  10. This is kind of a different thing from the competency of the MTA altogether, but the Flushing Airport site is a known danger area for West Nile Virus due to all the mosquitos being there. At this point I would be inclined to do something to the site, to remove the health hazard. It is worth noting that most of New York used to be marshland, but most people don' t get flooded on a regular basis outside of Sandy-type events.
  11. bobtehpanda

    MTA chief: I made turnstile jumper buy a MetroCard

    The Metrocard is super old technology; I doubt whatever records it keeps are good enough to validate against. Also, because it's a dead technology, there aren't really portable readers that can read it, and no one will make them. The LIRR may use paper tickets, but the nice thing about the paper tickets is that they are really easy to validate. You don't need an army of collectors to do it, but that's the LIRR being stupid. Many places in fact still use paper tickets, at least in Europe. I'm not sure how the tap cards will work, to be quite honest. They want it to be compatible with contactless bank cards, but I can't imagine those would keep transaction records like that on the card itself. This seems to be how London does it:
  12. bobtehpanda

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    There's only two tracks on the WIlly B. How do you expect to fit the , , , and all in there? That would be a massive capacity cut on all those lines.
  13. As far as the actual map goes, I think Vignelli is actually poor because the font is so goddamn small. The subway map should not require pressing your face against the glass to read it. Though the current map also wastes so much space that the font is very small as well.
  14. This redesign is actually used for the Weekender. Personally, they should just switch to that map, because you really don't need most of the crap on the current one. It is at least better than the old map (up to '09 I think?) that had the hideous callout boxes with the buses.
  15. bobtehpanda

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    But there's barely any new capacity anywhere. It's exactly the same as today. I don't really support deinterlining if it isn't going to result in concrete benefits. Pumping the Broadway Express 100% to 96 St, an via 63rd and a via 53rd and spare capacity on 8th does actually increase the amount of capacity. This doesn't.


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