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  1. bobtehpanda

    Stringer: 25% of subway is ADA compliant

    That would never get past the three men in a room. All these things are a symptom of a broken political system. Is a quarter of the system really accessible when the elevators don't work most of the time?
  2. https://www.amny.com/news/nyc-homicides-record-low-1.15725051 As far as rape reports go, it's considered mostly a consequence of increased reporting in the #MeToo era as well; victims are now more likely to think that the police will actually try and solve their case.
  3. bobtehpanda

    Second Avenue Subway Discussion

    We just elected a mayor with no resolve because he spun a story about how he wanted to end the tale of two cities in the outer boroughs vs Manhattan. Imagine we elected an actual mayor with conviction, and not the kind of convictions that New York State politicians love to get themselves into.
  4. bobtehpanda

    2017 Subway Ridership

    Subway to mainline stations are counted in the current statistics, since mainline platforms are not behind the subway turnstile gates. The only thing it's really bad at is subway to subway, and good luck trying to figure out if one passageway is more heavily utilized than the other.
  5. https://www.citylab.com/transportation/2018/06/how-do-you-fix-the-bus-we-asked-the-drivers/562898/
  6. bobtehpanda

    Plans move forward for LaGuardia AirTrain

    A bus terminal doesn't make sense either. Most buses heading to Flushing do so from north, south, or east. A bus terminal in Flushing West or in Willets Point would actually be harder for most buses to serve.
  7. bobtehpanda

    R179 Discussion Thread

    The inanity of getting a tariff slapped on a product you don't even compete with is astounding.
  8. bobtehpanda

    East Side Access Discussion Thread

    $8B over budget and more than a decade late, all so that the Metro North and LIRR didn't have to play nice and share the largest train terminal in the world. What's there to talk about?
  9. bobtehpanda

    2017 Subway Ridership

    Hopefully the information situation will improve in a few years. IIRC TfL now uses the movements of devices detected by wifi to guesstimate station pedestrian flow and usage; most people generally around carry the same amount of devices, so it provides better information than we have now with random samples collected manually.
  10. bobtehpanda

    R179 Discussion Thread

    I watched this video, which basically explained that the Airbus acquisition helped Bombardier get around a 300% tariff that Boeing got slapped on the C-series.
  11. IIRC if you poll bus operators, a lot of them actually really like features of SBS, because it makes their jobs easier. No one likes getting stuck in traffic, no one likes asking unruly people to pay the fare, no one likes constantly hitting reds, getting stuck behind cars parked in the bus stop, etc. Now imagine doing that for hours every single day. Note: I say features of SBS because obviously not all features are popular with all people.
  12. bobtehpanda

    Second Avenue Subway Discussion

    Reading the FEIS, I see nothing overly concerning. Most of the changes revolve around the fact that: It's been more than a decade since the last FEIS, so some of the low-usage sites they picked for ancillary facilities have now been redeveloped and are therefore much more costly to acquire Post-Sandy NYCT standards mean that a lot of equipment cannot be stored in stations that are located in flood zones, and have to be moved aboveground to new ancillary facilities Important quotes: So they're getting rid of the tail tracks, but not the bellmouths, and it sounds like it may actually be easier to construct the future extension with this design. So that's an overall win. On the one hand, I would like the MTA to make a little bit more money from its projects; however, experience with retail spaces in Times Square and Jackson Heights make me a bit cautious about the MTA being able to do any of this. If they work with a private developer, it may work. Translation: we are now rethinking the design because we thought about it a bit harder and the assumptions in 2004 no longer hold up. These in general sound like positive changes. My one concern is this in particular: Which runs directly under Lenox Av, which is also the location of this: I would hope that whatever they end up deciding to build in that location does not preclude turning this into a transfer stop, and future-proofs the ancillaries so that they can be used as additional entrances for such a transfer stop. But who knows? Are there open houses for this new design? I would hope that someone on this forum could show up in person and raise the concern about Lenox.
  13. bobtehpanda

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    IIRC, didn't the to Euclid suffer in part because it was too long? The express run on 8th is not that much quicker than the local run, because you skip a grand total of three stops (50 St, 23 St, Spring St), so I would be a bit concerned.
  14. bobtehpanda

    2017 Subway Ridership

    Bus transfers are counted in turnstile movements, though. That's why Jamaica Center, Sutphin/Archer, and Jamaica-179 rank so highly.
  15. bobtehpanda

    2017 Subway Ridership

    As much as I like Geoff Marshall, he takes a while to get to the point.


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