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  1. A bit meta, but I miss that the old site automatically did this.
  2. The Port Authority doesn't back out of expensive projects, they just hike the Hudson tolls to pay for overruns. See: World Trade Center
  3. The solution to a bus lane getting screwed up by double parking is to, I don't know, actually enforce and tow double parkers. People will stop double parking real fast if they have to get their car from the impound lot.
  4. I don't remember NYC asking for this title from you. Nobody goes there anymore, it's too crowded.
  5. The Fulton Center was a massive ADA compliance project in addition to station rehabilitation and it cost $1.4B. Canal Street's greater need for improvement would mean that a similar project for that station would be even more expensive. Quite frankly there's no money for it, and that's before we consider the current COVID funding crunch.
  6. This is what they did with Fulton Center, and Fulton Center actually got cancelled one time because it cost too much money. As far as Bowery-Grand Street, I don't think this has been seriously considered, though it'd be worth constructing.
  7. Problem with this is that compared to the old days Lower Manhattan is a less important commuting destination now, World Trade Center and PANYNJ be damned. Adding more trains to Nassau is leading a horse to water. Prior to the introduction of the 6th Av Delancey-Essex was considered one of the most overburdened transfer complexes in the system. The cat's out of the bag.
  8. IIRC similar scenarios have been discussed on the proposals thread that would require physical reconfiguration (and SAS Lower to exist) to solve the problem - Culver local/exp - Jamaica Line, is the Middle Village branch - SAS Lower to Manhattan Br. Nassau either becomes strictly 4th Av shuttle unused an intact four-track ROW for, say, a future regional rail line heading south from Midtown and proceeding to 2/3 of the following (Hoboken, SI, Atlantic)
  9. It's also worth noting in that most developed countries, social ills do not literally spill out onto the street like they do in the US, so the police don't really resort to violently ejecting people anyways because they don't have to. Homelessness in the subway is a symptom, not the problem.
  10. America has a legal system with pretty clear rules that grey areas tend to be resolved in favor of the status quo. Legislators could, you know, do their jobs and legislate, but have you seen Albany? How long did it take for us to get Uber actually legalized across the state?
  11. They have free hands to hold the poles now that they're not clutching their pearls
  12. The most cost-effective, social distancing option would be to skip mezzanine levels entirely and just have high-speed, high-throughput direct exits from platform to street, like every other goddamn metro system in the world. The less time people spend in the subway the better. Trust and believe that Canada wants no part of this.
  13. Yes and there are currently zero dynamic transit maps operated by Google, so what's your point?
  14. Google is a large, profitable multi-billion dollar company that lives and breathes tech and relies on partnerships with DOTs, individual commuters, and millions of phones with their software. They didn't do this as a charity. None of these things is true of the MTA.
  15. What page is that on? Maybe I glossed over that specific point. One way I could see the digital card being handy is for TransitChek; it'd reduce the need to physically issue cards.
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