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  1. Reducing printed schedules in favor of the internet also assumes the internet is working, and there are a lot of factors there You have a functional and working phone (batteries die) You are in an area with functional cell service The MTA's APIs for distributing the data from buses is working (things like Internet outages, bad software updates, etc.) The buses are accurately broadcasting information to the MTA The nice thing about paper is short of physical damage paper doesn't stop working. It's slow and cumbersome but it doesn't break. E-ink that gets updated once in a while reduces paper waste but needs a power source during update, but that's not the worst thing.
  2. Doesn't LIE already have unidrection HOV to the tunnel?
  3. Is the problem shitty ads or shitty people? Anyone dumb enough to wisecrack because there's an ad with the word "sex" is probably not otherwise a church-going Good Samaritan.
  4. This is dumb. If you want to reduce waste use e-ink screens or something. But all the MTA knows is cut, cut, cut.
  5. Wikipedia cites this Forgotten NY article to say that it was used by both autos and buses. Looking at the layout of the area, I don't think that area of Union Turnpike needs all those lanes through the interchange. It would be pretty neat if they made the Union Turnpike section of the underpass bus only and converted it into a fare-paid bus transfer, the same way that Rockaway Parkway works. If you made the Q10 and Q46 an LRT that would certainly work for the purpose.
  6. IIRC the glass wall by Kew Gardens interchange used to be an inline bus stop a very long time ago. But with how many buses are now needed that'd probably be inadvisable.
  7. I mean to say that the restriction on using them day-of-purchase is stupid and customer-hostile. The only people that really pleases are the bean counters. Other than CityTicket, I am unaware of any other tickets any MTA agency sells that are limited to day-of-purchase.
  8. It's tricky. Alternatively, you could move the changeover point west to SJU, to the point where - All stops to Springfield - LTD to Utopia, local to Glen Oaks - Express to Utopia, LTD to Springfield, local east to LIJ The more I think about this proposal though, the more it seems like a nightmare rehash of the various flavors of N22 post-NICE.
  9. Probably Springfield, the way the local/limited runs today.
  10. Knowing the MTA they'd probably spend $3 on a monkey banging away at MS Paint to do something like this. Could you imagine the MTA doing any kind of advertising in this day and age?
  11. If the solution to no accountability was other people who had no accountability, sure.
  12. Screw old people, people with strollers or luggage, and the disabled, amirite?
  13. Yes, because every pedestrian and cyclist should wear high-vis vests and helmet flashlights so that the poor drivers can focus their tunnel vision elsewhere. This is 100% legal. There are many reasons why one might not use the bike lane; perhaps there's a pothole or debris, a car is parked in it, the bicyclist wants to make a left turn, etc. People change lanes. Perhaps if one were to drive at a reasonable speed, then they could slow down in time once actually seeing a driver. If you're on a poorly lit road at night you shouldn't be driving very quickly anyways.

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