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  1. Kawasaki is managing better on its orders then Bombardier. Since Bombardier is manufacturing at a fast pace that makes alot of mistakes is no wonder why delivery delays keep happening. Bombardier should follow Henry Ford's assembly line pattern like Boeing did when building the 787 dreamliner, that if they got the space and time to reorganize.
  2. Does anyone knows that the B train does not go to the Montague Tube only the Manhattan Bridge and also if clearance in the tube is an issue the MTA should of made sure that every fleet could go through when they rehabilitate the river tunnel.
  3. What about digital advertising, it would be better then the old fashion ads we see currently on the fleet
  4. The R68/A should of been having the LED after the R62A finished theirs LED testing. Does anyone thinks GE would the candidate for the R211 or CAF from Spain since Kawasaki will be the only one to win the contract if the M9 order will be on time in its delivery. Maybe Boeing will go back on building subway cars since they built light rail cars and Chicago's rail cars in the 1970's. This is my opinion.
  5. I don't understand why the MTA didn't upgrade the interior lighting on R188 from florescent to LED like they did to some of the R160, it's much brighter and doesn't turn yellow when it nears its end life. Also the when the C car was install to the existing set, the view of a brand new car with 13 or 14 year old cars is an eyesore during the night.
  6. Like the "Woodside-61 St" & "Flushing-Main Street" stations as an example.
  7. 34th Street Station is not opened yet because of "construction delays"
  8. I wonder why the MTA didn't upgrade the exterior signs to LED instead of LCD when they order 88 new cars, LCD isn't very bright and get messed up when not maintain (6 train fleet)
  9. Well, when the first R188 set 7811-7821 was in service as an express train, the conductor notice why the interior signs was not showing the express sign but the people in charge of the train said that there was a glitch in the software and soon will be fix. Well then it took long to fix a 3-8 minute software change, especially when the 7 train fleet is near becoming all R188 line.
  10. How about eliminating one of the express tracks and have the Howard beach station rebuilt as side platform, track, island platform, track, island platform, track and side platform. The two Island platforms will serve as a crossover transfer for the Manhattan bound A train during AM rush hour and Rockaway Park-Beach 116 Street bound H train (if it gets revived) on the center tracks North of the center track at Howard Beach splits in two toward the existing two center tracks with switch tracks coming from the side tracks, north of the Aquaduct Racetrack is track overpass coming from the old Rockaway spur heading south, two diamond crossover switch tracks near the Aquaduct Racetrack station. those two proposals is not possible to built, but we will see how the MTA wants to do to the Rockaway spur and its accessibility.
  11. Strip maps on the 7 Line already has the station printed it is just covered by a black strip to ensure that the passengers not to get confused. When the 34th Street station opens, the black strip covering the station on the strip map will be removed.
  12. How about the H line 2nd revival, from Rego Park to Rockaway Park Beach 116 St which means eliminating the Rockaway Shuttle.
  13. I forgot that the tracks was replaced during fastrack, the MTA track workers must of solve the tracks swaying since the cars were rebounding a lot at high speeds
  14. Must be the suspensions springs and shock absorbers that reduce buckling of the cars for a smoother ride, the suspensions during that time was wearing out similar to a car's suspensions and shock absorbers when the car is rebounding more often than normal.
  15. There was a plan that an extension to LGA Airport from Jamaica was included, that was scrapped and only built the JFK to Jamaica route. Because of a budget the idea is scrapped. Another problem with the Willets Point Station, the MTA has to rehabilitate both Mets- Willets Point station to ADA regulations, which means getting rid of the side platform of the Flushing bound by making the station in a 2 side tracks, 2 island platforms, and a center track configuration, adding a new walkway for the LIRR, 7 Line and LGA Airtrain separate from the walkway going towards Flushing Meadows Park, and building under or over the Roosevelt Ave Overpass which carries the Flushing Line with a flying express track that descends towards Mets-Willets Point station
  16. If the MTA wants to convert the Port Washington Branch as a subway line in the past during the years when the IND Fulton Line was being extended to the Rockaways, then we might of been seeing the subway trains running besides the LIRR at Woodside but the 4 Nassau stop might of stop the planning but subway service was slow at that time period. The Port Washington Branch is connected to the main railroad and if it was converted to a subway, a overpass might be built over the tracks to connect to existing subway line like the Astoria line to the 59 Street tunnel or Steinway tunnel on the Flushing line. On the other hand, the Port Washington branch might become like the PATH or SIR and installation for CBTC would increase train capacity and faster service between Woodside and Port Washington. This could be in our imagination or created in a PC train simulator.
  17. I did said temporary, anyway the MTA has to first study on the ridership in a test service. If that goes as a great success then the MTA will improve the sections that need much attention to reactive the line to full two track service. We'll have to see or read any developments in the future on the forgotten Rockaway spur.
  18. Again with the R142 and R142A swap, First of all Bombardier back off from the contract bid because it was an engineering challenge and a small order ; Second of all, the 2 & 5 need the R142s because they share the same terminals for route switch at Brooklyn College. So the 6 fleet was the only option and has the first prototype in service (7211-7220) and Kawasaki like the order
  19. Yes, the antennas are use to communicate with the train and/or motorman. The third rail supplies the power at 600-750 DC volts, the tracks act as an neutral conductor bringing the used power back to the grid. anyone knows how electricity work could understand this. The third rail creates an electro-magnetic field that can disrupt any signals, so the antennas and receivers are built high enough to prevent any problems with the connection to communicate
  20. Here's are ideas on how to reactivating the line, respond if it's crazy or stupid, 1: have the row clean for one track; 2: stations have two tracks similar to the Garden City station on the LIRR Hempstead Branch where trains wait until the other train clears the track; 3 Running the line from Howard Beach to Long Island City; 4: use unused extra diesel locomotives and cars to run on both on subway and US Railroad tracks; 5: the ride should cost the same as the subway bus fare but use the ticket machines similar to the ticket machines on the select bus service on all stations assigned on the line except the stations on the A line; 6: the ticket machines for Howard Beach, North Conduit, and Aqueduct racetrack station are similar to the machines at the parking spaces but located at the view upon entering the platform. This would temporary until a decision is made if the line makes the quota on ridership and the MTA should have the first line to run on both LIRR and subway or single type of line: LIRR or subway. If the decision is LIRR, the line will operate between Penn Station to Ozone Park. If the decision is subway the line will operate between Rego Park and Rockaway Park- Beach 116 st as the possible revived H train. Or the MTA will order special cars for the R211 or M9 cars if the decision is both running on LIRR Main line and IND Rockaway Line. Comment as you see is fit.
  21. The Corona Yard is now 50% both R62As and R188s, the time it is 100% R188 is at the end of 2015. The rate the conversions and transfers is slow but it's fine since the CBTC is not ready for for operation until 2016.
  22. The JFK Airtrain is an example of CBTC, no motorman and conductor, runs on computer just as same that is happening to L train and soon the 7 train
  23. R62A car# 1806-1810 are still on the 7 line and running, I went today to find out how many R188 were running and majority was R188 since I saw about 9 R62As running during off hours.
  24. I don't know why there isn't an escalator with its steps long enough for a wheelchair to fit especially those big electrical ones. I know there is special elevators called stair lifts, that should of been built but has an escalator conveyor system. The shopping cart escalator that I've seen in Target and Kmart should be used but modified for wheelchairs both non-electric and electric. So any other ideas that doesn't include inclined elevators that was the cause for the delays for the 34th street 7 line station.
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