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  1. A little update about Paris metro after a long pause. Renovation work at Châtelet-les-Halles Chatelet is most central metro and RER station of Paris is under renovation, much of the work is concentred inside the corridors and access to the station. Nothing have been done in the platforms. To ease the passengers, the station is now divided in three parts on signagnes. -Rivoli : lines 1, 4 and 14 -Seine: lines 7 and 11 -Forum : RER A, B, D and line 4 (Les Halles) New signage from the platforms of line 7 Inside the corridors linking the Seine sector (lines 7 and 11) to the rest of the station New moving walkway under construction in this corridor A corridor in the Rivoli part of the station Part of the new Marguerite de Navarre entrance is open in the Forum part of the station. This entrance should directly to the street level but for now it just links to the underground Forum des Halles shopping mall. More to come.
  2. Yesterday was the last service of the MS 61 on the RER A. (1967- 2016) MS 61 were put in service between 1967 and 1980. For its last day, it did at least three services (two were planned and the third one was bonus). La Defense - Boissy-Saint-Léger Boissy-Saint-Léger - Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Saint-Germain-en-Laye - Boissy-Saint-Léger. It was an incredibly day. Empty MS 61 at La Défense Several fans and I didn't take the MS 61 but a train that left before for Boissy to take pictures of the MS 61 arriving at Sucy - Bonneuil Here I have seen the most incredible thing, at Sucy - Bonneuil the RER A tracks run parallel to SNCF Grande Ceinture tracks (outer belt, mainly used for freight). A SNCF driver decided to race with the MS 61. According what I heard, he did that without any autorisation. We didn't take the MS 61, we headed to Champigny to get other pictures. We finally took the MS 61 at Champigny Cab view on the rear car with a cool RATP officer. Saint-Germain-en-Laye, a lot of train fans. MS 61 and MI 09 We headed to Le Vésinet - Le Pecq with the MI 09 to take pictures of the MS 61 arriving. Rear car, difficult to take new pictures of the cab. Front car was more crowded with fans (even the people seated) Châtelet-les-Halles Goodbye MS 61 !!! It was a crazy day, during our ride to Saint-Germain on the MS 61 we were with SNCF officers and some decided to whistle the train departure like they do on the SNCF. Imagine if an Amtrak officer was doing that on the MTA.
  3. Two videos, I made with my camera during my commutes. Montparnasse - Bienvenüe Place de Clichy
  4. Almost three years ago, I made a post about the station Jaures on line 7bis and the bad state of the platforms hall. You will be pleased to see that the station is no longer decrepit. I wonder how long it will remain in this state. Paris has a recurring problem with groundwater.
  5. Iveco UrbanWay 18 (articulated) Hybrid on line 143 Many lines have become articulated these days especially in northeastern inner suburbs. There are also more and more hybrid buses. Authorities want to scrap all fully diesel bus by 2025. The old vehicules of line 143, Scania Omnicity Heuliez GX 337 Hybrid on line 112 MAN Lion's City CNG on line 24. Renault Agora CNG of line 24 have been replaced by MAN Lion's City but they keep the Compressed Natural Gas motorization.
  6. Some buses are very decorated. In South America, they have real and big BRT networks.
  7. Nanterre Université After several years of construction, the new passenger hall opened yesterday. See posts #164 and #294 for more information about the station and the project. New building The street in front is not yet open to traffic, several bus lines will run there and the tram T1 in a more distant future. Although being served RATP and SNCF trains, the space is managed by the RATP. So the station has RATP's furnitures and signages. RER A platform, a large island platform. It was enlarged during the work. The work is not completely finished Transilien L
  8. I come back to the last part of my last post. I gave a false information. If effectively five Z 50000 have been added on local service to Villiers-sur-Marne, those trains follow the usual RER E route in Central Paris, they don't terminate at Gare de l'Est but in the tunnel section at Haussmann Saint-Lazare like any other RER E trains. Z 50000 trains in service Z 50000 in the RER E feels more like provisional solution to cope with a lack of rolling stock than true new trains for the line. Haussmann Saint-Lazare Underground stations are not made for the Z 50000, platforms are higher than the train's floor. There are warning annoncements in trains. Map inside trains Magenta
  9. Rosa Parks Today, a new station opened on the RER E. Rosa Parks station is made of a simple island platform and passengers space under the track. This is the 22th station on the RER E line, it is right after central Paris at the limit of 18th and 19th arrondissement near Porte d'Aubervilliers in an area in redevelopment. This station is served by a train every four minutes in weekday rush hours. When I was there this sunday, there was a train every 5-6 minutes, maybe more. South entrance North entrance A big plaza in front of the north entrance, it is the site of the former inner ring railway. Transfer with the T3b tram line. Interior of the station Rosa Parks station is built in the site of the former Est-Ceinture station (East Belt station). It is the area where the inner railway belt meet the tracks from Gare de l'Est. Map of the former Est-Ceinture station in the 1920's. Rosa Parks has much less platform but have a much higher ridership. This area was very industrial in the past. Platform Rosa Parks is good place for trainspotting, all the train traffic of Gare de l'Est (high speed TGV, German high speed ICE, slower intercity trains including the Orient Express, regional trains and surburban trains) and the RER E pass there. You can also see the Sacre Cœur basillica. Rosa Parks will not be only served by usual RER E services, because of the lack of rolling stock for the RER E, a new local service will be created between Gare de l'Est and Villiers-sur-Marne in addition to the usual RER E. This service will use five Z 50000 trains.
  10. Fantastic, this is a very nice station. Great design and quality seems good. I would have liked to be there. Are there many inclined lifts in New York Subway?
  11. This is confirmed, the summer is over. Black is back
  12. Most suburbs are middle class communities. The line 69 starts at Gambetta, east of Bastille. I don't use the line 69 often, I mostly use the line 68 in Central Paris (Châtillon Montrouge - Place de Clichy).
  13. Yes and since September 2015, Navigo pass covering zone 1 includes all zones, not just for holiday. I pleased that you enjoyed your trip.

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