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  1. i tink you have to call dcas to get your name put back on the list is the starting spot!!!!
  2. After 2 days down @ 130 we head to schoolcar tomorrow..... I was able to stay in the B divivison cant wait for that striped shirt sorry to hear that hope your able to get this little set back quickly because you went thru alot just to get down there so dont give up!!!
  3. so i went down this morning and pass medical and final processing so the count beings as the days of me being a conductor comes to an end and my new position of train operator begins on Jan 28th!!!! see the rest of you guys who pass on the 28th... if you can find me lol!!!!
  4. YES i got call yesterday to come down this wednesday for medical and final processing...... T/O here I come!!!! give me my striped shirted Thank You!!!
  5. you were not past over MTA just has not reach up to your list # the last # 350 was the last person hired by MTA there have been people as far as early 400's who were called in for the drug test only so relax and just wait for them to get that far ahead!!!
  6. You havent been down here long enough to make this statement...... WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT??? YOU JUST STARTED SMH
  7. Rapid Transportation Operations- RTO Regular Day Off-RDO
  8. actually uniforms are free and you can order them after a certain time shirt and pants 3 and jackets 5 years if you want any uniforms before the time period is up you will have to pay
  9. did anybody else heard that Joe Lhota is stepping down Friday to prep a run for NYC mayor??? so what does this means in terms of getting a new contract???
  10. wow this forum has been quiet the past couple of days??? how are some of you doing??? happy holidays!!!
  11. anyone know the theme song from jeoperdy??? i trying to get the tune going in my head while watching the phone waiting for it to ring lol
  12. oh yeah btw good luck to all of you starting school car tomorrow and dont pay no mind to people on here who dont work for transit as of yet ask questions study on your own time and you will be alright!!!!
  13. you sound very childish yourself at the end of your post and i hope i am not in the same class in school car as you because like i said before i currently work for the mta and your 40 year old virgin self would be just the dumb person asking me all sorts of stupids questions which is part of the reason i would not want any of my "so-called classmates asking me anything" you talk so much big stuff here on how you dont take nothing personal but yet you seem to know more about what it is like working for the mta let alone being a T/O i dont have much time here as some of my fellow co-workers but

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