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  1. my mistake you got DISRESPECTED 4 TIMES including by me! LOL! again mistake 5 times. this is true
  3. Next, a train has derailed because of a very dumb train conductor, this happened south of Cypress Hills at the curve, also a and train has collided at DeKalb Ave because the train wanted to beat a train to the Manhatten Bridge, REROUTE TRAINS! NO SUPSPENSION OF ANY KIND! (this is in the middle of AM rush hour)
  4. lol true but would you like to see a station where there is long distances inbetween stations?
  5. Chances of winning the Lotto is higher than this.
  6. No new hobby for you this is what you do... POST and DRIVE. Also the MTA should make a station between 8th St NYU and Prince St, make it 4th St
  7. the on 7th Ave is creative but it causes conjuction with the 5 going 7th Ave
  8. the old days are back with the 25+ year olds meeting the 10+ year olds
  9. i think that was the worst BBWWA HOF votes of all time.

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