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  1. B/O 4600 Hiring Process

    HMmmm $19 an hour?...... I believe they probably working for MTA bus division since the hiring pay now is 24 and change after the new contract was negotiated. This job is stressful because of many rules transit has putting in place but its up to you as an employee to do the right thing. Overall me personally I love what Im doing....Plenty money to make and many room for growth with this organization. This job is not for everyone and some will fail probationary period or worst the 2nd year if they keep violating the rules. But trust me its a good career and you will enjoy it if you have a goal to why you’re doing it.
  2. T/O Exam # 7604 (Open-Competitive)

    They only call after the list has been publish to the public. That can take weeks or months till they start the process calling in list 1 - 100.
  3. Bus Operator (TA) Exam 7612

    If you pass the BOSS, You’ll only get a Congratulations letter and a list number correspond to the exam you took it for.
  4. B/O 4600 Hiring Process

    OA can work at a TA depot except for non TWU unions such as Queens, and Staten Island depots. Brooklyn would be the only TA depots options since both Manhattan and Bronx are OA divisions
  5. Select Bus Service Discussion

    Where did you see the video?
  6. Select Bus Service Discussion

    I dont know why people taking sbs as a big change. SBS are the same tour that use to be LTD. instead of calling it “Limited” they just renamed it to a cooler theme. What you may see different is probably more buses out during peak hours and the buses will be loaded much quicker since all fares will be collected outside before boarding. To be honest, only the bus operators enjoys the service more since we dont have to deal with the fare box and just unload and load and unto the next stop. Of course we get much cooler looking buses 🤭😝
  7. B/O 4600 Hiring Process

    That depot is guaranteed overtime money and big run pays. I know a few operators over there hitting over 120 hrs every two weeks. But as a probie dont do Overtime.
  8. MaBSTOA #4105 Hiring Process

    You should be good.......
  9. B/O 4600 Hiring Process

    Day 9 is a repeat of day 5.....Only if you remember the turns and etc you should do fine. If you dont mind tell me what mistake you’re doing..You can PM me...
  10. Bus Operator (TA) Exam 7612

    You will only take the BOSS if you passed the written exam for TA. And if you pass the BOSS , thats when you will be placed on the eligible list and reveal your final score.
  11. MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    7483 is at flatbush.. when i operated it 2 weeks ago it only had 6000 miles
  12. B/O 4600 Hiring Process

    My favorite is the New Flyers XD’s. Operating it feels like your pushing a bens or sport car lol. I hate the RTS, especially the right side mirror.
  13. B/O 4600 Hiring Process

  14. B/O 4600 Hiring Process

    Good luck on day 7 folks..... If you Pre-qualified on day 6, Day 7 should be easier. As long you don’t do any mistakes causing to get trolly brake, or the Supt changing their mind due to an unsafe maneuver, Day 7 should be easy just continue doing what you have been doing. Watch out of pedestrians trying to cross the street or walking on the street instead of the sidewalk due to sidewalks not being cleaned from snow. Reminder tips: Assume you’re sitting at the red light and as your scanning your mirrors and you see a bicyclist coming by........”Do not move the bus call it out quickly before the Supt sees it before you and let them pass you” if the bicycle is ahead of you, just crawl and do not pass the bicyclist. Right turns, “Setup your turns and understand what needs to be done and avoid mounting curb or high snow” 4ft space is your best friend and will avoid you mounting the curb and etc. good luck 12/26
  15. B/O 4600 Hiring Process

    All turns are different depending on the situation. But the basic as always 4ft space to the right when it’s necessary, Use your reference point “Beam to the curb or the left tail light of a park vehicle that is park close to the corner where you are going to turn into”. Again some turns you may have to modify it based on whats going on just have to keep in mind the basics. Example: Theres a double park car close to the corner or a few FT away into the street where you are about to turn. That double park car just change the entire situation on how you would turn normally. At that point you would have to use that double park car left taillight by using the same basic techniques maneuver.... As long theres 4ft space to the right and you hit your reference point correctly, you wont touch the curb. If theres no space available to use the 4ft maneuver, your next option is to use the rear right wheels of the bus as your reference point and pivot the turn.


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