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  1. DueceDrives

    B/O 4600 Hiring Process

    Another training class at the depot today... It must be an OA class, But I will ask when I return back to work on Thursday.
  2. DueceDrives

    B/O 4600 Hiring Process

    Why are you on Medical hold, or do you mean you went to medical process and you weren’t place into a class?... Normally after medical and you’re cleared, you are giving instructions to when you start and etc. You’re hired to the agency you were called for. So if its TA they called you for and process, your agency titled will be TA. As far working at either agency depot, both TA and OA can cross work at either depot except for Staten Island and Queens OA can’t work out of.
  3. DueceDrives

    B/O 4600 Hiring Process

    I don’t know why people stating theres a freeze. Every other week theres a training class at my depot. Not sure if its OA , TA or MTA bus candidates.
  4. DueceDrives

    A.G.S. -buses- job opening

    Ok I just viewed the information and I see what you are talking about... So I was right, that position is usually open for current employees on the job that has years of services, and was already in another rank below G.S. Job Description: Salary Range: $81,829 - $129,343 (Grade D) <---- High Ranking Superintendent Compression Minimum: $102,000 Responsibilities This position reports to the General Superintendent, Transportation and is responsible for assisting the General Superintendent with ensuring the safe and reliable provision of bus service. If assigned to a depot, the incumbent will be responsible for providing assistance and direction with the following functions: Monitoring Bus Operator performance and defining and maintaining increased levels of productivity. Ensuring the availability/quality of Bus Operators. Carrying out effective availability programs utilizing appropriate disciplinary methods and coordinating with Training to ensure operators are consistently trained, re-trained and 19A qualified. If assigned to Road Operations, the incumbent will be responsible for assisting and providing direction with the following functions: Customer service delivery and bus performance throughout a borough on local/express routes. Researching and developing responses to passengers, community or agency inquiries. Addressing service problems and recommending short/long-term solutions. Assisting with providing overall policy direction and enforcement of safety guidelines for Bus Operators; as well as investigating road equipment/depot safety hazards and other potential safety problems. In the absence of the General Superintendent Transportation, the incumbent will assume the duties of that position. Education and Experience 1. Seven years of related experience, at least three years of which must have been in a supervisory/managerial/administrative capacity 2. Must have one year of previous experience in the title of Superintendent or an equivalent title; or 3. A satisfactory equivalent of the combined education and experience requirements Desired Skills -Strong communication and negotiation skills -Knowledge of NYCT's Department of Buses/MTA Bus rules and regulations and union contracts -Experience in the management of a large, multi-location, multi-faceted line based organization with the ability to implement executive policies and procedures -Extensive depot/division transportation operations experience or administrative experience in an operating environment
  5. DueceDrives

    A.G.S. -buses- job opening

    A.G.S. Meaning Assistance General Superintendent? The AGS can be for many dept within the Buses division. Transportations, Mechanics, Safety and etc. 90% of the time these positions are open for promotional unless you have experience from a major transportation agency. Majority of the positions within management is based on years of service experience ranks. For example in Dept of Buses the promotion ranks is Bus operator (3 years of service) to Dispatcher, after Dispatcher you are eligible to apply or get promoted to a Superintendent. A.G.S is a level II rank which is higher to a regular Superintendent level I. To become AGS you have to be level I first unless you have years of past experience within a Mass Transportation agency.
  6. It delays time when that local runs on NY Ave, Especially making that left turn on Fulton Street which sometimes especially during rush hour you barely cant make that turn unless you take the light and block Fulton intersection until its clear to complete the turn. I don't see why it would be a big deal to be further away from Utica avenue, when the 44 has transfer points that would lead you to reach either to Utica Ave side. I have seen passengers at the local bus stop waving trying to make an SBS bus stop just because they have been waiting so long waiting for the local. If you look use the MTA Bus time app, you would see sometimes 3 or 4 buses on NY Ave traveling together where dispatch has no choice to turn some of the buses short just to make up recovery time. If the local were to run the same path with the sbs+ due to the bus lane usages, you would see less delays on that local 44.
  7. Utica Ave is no where near The B44 and B49 runs. The only buses that links near Utica or on Utica are the following B46 "Runs", B82"Links, B6"Links", B8"Links, B43or48"Links , B103"Links", B17"Links, B12"Links, B65"Links", B15"Links", and B25"Links". So taking the B44 local out of NY Ave and placing it with The SBS44 on Rogers wouldn't effect Utica avenue at all.
  8. NY Ave is a waste..... the only reason I believe the local run through there its because of the B49 running on Rogers. If the 49 was running on Bedford, Im sure the 44 local would have been running on Rogers a long with the 44+
  9. DueceDrives

    MaBSTOA #4105 Hiring Process

    It all depends. IF they still hiring, the next class will be the 18th since its every other 2 weeks. But lately I have been seeing plenty of training class at my depot for the past weeks.
  10. DueceDrives

    MaBSTOA #4105 Hiring Process

    Another training class at my depot "FB"
  11. How would that Belt pkwy work? From Exit 9 To 13 is commercial vehicle restricted due to weight limits.? So far that line would sound like an Express route or would it be local?
  12. Out of FB depot, I would love to change Both the B49 and B44 local service route by rerouting. B49: After Foster and Flatbush Avenue, To make that left on Flatbush Ave , and slight right into Bedford Avenue. Continue service all the way till Fulton Street in both direction bound to keep it on Bedford. B49: On Ocean Ave, To continue service all the way to Emmons Avenue and make a right turn instead of the current route direction when it reach down ocean avenue. Returning back should be the same by making a left turn from Emmons Avenue to Ocean Avenue. B44: N/B direction - Makes no sense to throw the local away from the SBS44+. The B44 local should run on Rogers instead of New York Avenue. Have the local turn left on Flatbush Avenue and make the next stop correspond with the B41 stop located on the corner of Glenwood and Flatbush which would still serve the purpose of the Nostrand Avenue and Glenwood Stop. The Flatbush and Nostrand Triangle light is too short, so I would increase the light time on the N/B direction more and have the S/B light direction delayed just to give the buses enough time to complete that left turn without causing buses being delayed from making that left turn.
  13. I m trying to change my display name?.........

  14. DueceDrives

    B/O 4600 Hiring Process

    Nothing.... I had a beakie on my bus giving me a observation ride, I had three transit worker boarded my bus and flash their passes. One I let off before a stop but he had the uniformed on. At the end of my observation ride he never mentioned anything about letting that transit worker off before a stop. Not saying they all the same but I guess its common courtesy. On the bulletin it states to let officials with badges on for free such as NYPD, State officials with badges and etc. Thats one of the reasons sometimes police officers give us courtesy when we get pulled over with our own personal cars.
  15. DueceDrives

    Select Bus Service Discussion

    Yeah on the 44+ they’re check daily. Like today they inspected my bus 3 times.


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