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  1. I'm excited for them. The two out of my depot were so excited and they feel like they were doing the right move.
  2. Speak to your union rep. But I believe its best to finish up probation first just so if you do resign from the B/O position and you don't like Tracks, you may be able to return back within the one year period.
  3. I know two operators out of my depot has to go to Livingston for processing. So it looks like they will be in the next class.
  4. I know it's a pain on the ass when bus operators slows down or wait at a certain stop for a long period. But we are instructed to never be ahead of schedule or at least be on time or late. Every bus in service are being tracked by dispatchers on post, command center and micro-manage by a road operation superintendents. When a bus is ahead of schedule, it looks bad on the operator because the first thing that comes in play is the operator is speeding and not operating the bus safely. Another key to remember is, how would we feel if an airline always took off before it's assigned schedule?. The last thing the operator needs is getting a violation for being ahead of schedule and that write-up will stay on their file for the next 5 years and will prevent them from getting promoted to a higher position like a dispatcher or superintendent. Also the operator will be getting undercover rides to see why they are always ahead of schedule. Keep in mind, the bus schedules changes according to the previous operators that manage that run. If that run is always ahead of time, they will reduce bus service usage. The later the bus, the more they can make changes. So reporting the operator to transit about the bus is driving too slow will be thrown out the minute he/she is called in the office with a union representative. The Safety and Training division overrule these types of reporting when it comes to safety and DMV rules and regulations.
  5. He probably use to operate out of UP. Sometimes they love going to areas where they’re familiar with the routes out of the depot they use to operate out of.
  6. Oh okay. When I clear today I will PM you some pictures of what you can use as a reference. What I notice that the superintendent doesn't show you the full structure technique how to maneuver these articulated buses which I plan to teach someday in the future if I ever joined the safety and training division at zerega.
  7. If the depot you pick or is sent to has articulated buses, they will train you for 30 minutes on that bus. Overall, you gain more techniques with the articulated buses the more you operate them especially learning how to squeeze and maneuver through tight weird spaces or between double park cars on both side of a traffic street. For example, if you’re familiar with the Brooklyn bus Route SBS46, B35, and B38 uses articulated buses and the traffic on that route is a hot mess with double park vehicles and trucks that you have to maneuver through a 2-way single lane traffic. It takes operating experience to go up and down that route without being involved on a accident.
  8. Day 8 and 9 students that didn't qualify on day 6 and 7. Congratulations, and you’re not doing line training until you pick or placed into a depot. The students that qualified on day 7 will meet up at Jamaica depot to learn other types of buses. Students who didn't qualify on day 7, will get a second chance by going to days 8 and 9.
  9. It use to be based of year's of experience on the job with clean records. Now I hear Zerega has to certify you and some trainees are assigned with the same line trainer for weeks. The last time I asked my chairman at my depot, he said 10 years and up and Zerega certification.
  10. Skys the limit. The first year as a rookie, don’t expect to be rolling big money since the ideal is to pass 1 year probationary period. That means, you want less time on the bus to avoid accidents or incidents. Your pay (23$ an hour) is based on the route and run. For example you can pick a run and route that pays 50 hours a week, but that determined the depot and your seniority peg. Overall we make money if you know how to. We earn night differential, articulate buses pay (2$ more) if you’re operating a articulated bus route. I’m on my fourth year (31.98$ an hr) and for 2020 I made 100k for the year and thats all from busting ass by putting in hours. Covid has put more opportunity for bus operators to earn more. On your fifth year you will be on a top pay salary. Being a Dispatcher (46.00$ An hr) is more money, but you can only become a dispatcher after your third year and take a promotion exam when its available.
  11. I believe if every operator would put a note onto the OVCR card regarding the automatic announcement making wrong stops information, they'll probably work on it ASAP.
  12. Absolutely! I was shock to see they were nailing for not correcting the automatic announcement. 4 Probies got extended out of my depot and the chairman was fighting hard to give them a chance.
  13. Everyone that got a check ride recently...Was your birthday coming up or recently passed? The reason I'm asking because they're two type of rides. One is 19A ride which the 19A Dispatcher will identify themselves from the beginning if they want to and they're assigned at your depot location and give rides during your birthday months, and There's a Zerega check rides which usually are conducted by a Superintendent and they don't reveal themselves till the end of the ride or not. Probationary rides are conducted by unknown superintendents from zerega and there job is to ensure you are doing what you're suppose to do while on probation. Any hazardous mistake or not making ADA announcements may get your probation extended.

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