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  1. Alert! New route coming soon at night between the hours of Midnight to 5am similar to the B99. Introducing the M99! The M99 will go through the borough of Manhattan 42nd Street to Brooklyn New lots. The route is currently under test by managements and union officials at the respective depot that will provide the service. The Bx99 will be another nightly route to be released after the M99 Stay tune for more information.
  2. That's probably the last bus of the night either doing its last trip of the night, or it was an N.I.S. bus just dead heading back to the depot.
  3. Yes, I almost lost it at the depot lol but the depot chairman said it would only be 4 to 6 buses only.
  4. The 7600’s looks and runs so nice on the B41, and that's one of the reason I picked the B41 again for the summer time.
  5. Just confirmed it! Flatbush losing some of the 7600’s to ENY as we get some of 7100’s from UP. If you ask me that's totally BULL!!!!!!!! I knew this would happen sooner or later!
  6. To be honest, transit doesn't really want to open up the train service from 1am to 5am. If you look at the big picture, they're saving money by cutting train service at night temporarily and the deep COVID cleaning is actually working. Since the COVID deep cleaning started on the trains and buses, NYC has seen a drastic changes with number of cases. So I truly believe the transit system was the main course of the virus spreader.
  7. B99 Route: So yesterday I was trained on the route with a group of other operators. It was a nice an hour and so trip from the junction Brooklyn to Manhattan W 58th. In the city portion of the route, they started to put up the B99 bus stops signage. By this weekend more assign bus stops will be added across Brooklyn. I’m please to announce I will be one of the operators operating on the route when it first launch on my day off as over timE
  8. New Over Night route out of Flatbush Depot starting Sunday June 28, 2020. B99 will start from Nostrand Have/Flatbush ”Junction” to Manhattan W 58th Street. ThIs route is mainly due to the train service being out of service during the COvID CLEANING over night especially the number 2 train. The bus will run like a local B44 route and turn off to Eastern pkwy heading towards Flatbush ave and straight to Manhattan Bridge. Right now operators out of Flatbush are currently doing line training. Management are considering this route to remain until further notice for a possibility for operators to pick as a new work in the future.
  9. Stay safe and make sure to not let your guard down with this COVID.
  10. Whats going on folks. Its been a hot minute since I have posted on the nyct forum. Was on quarantined status and now I'm fully back to work. B41 today had 2 wild cats service where Articulated buses were in service doing passenger pickups from Kings plaza to Downtown Brooklyn and to Bergen Beach. Expect to see articulated buses at certain time of the day when operation expects more rider ships during certain time peak.
  11. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh keep it on the low low .. lol
  12. Totally Faster and better! This week has been the best time of my career to work freely and not worry to much about the schedule. I mean its sooooo hard to stay on the time that its to the point we all keep pulling over to try to delay the time because majority of us are way ahead of schedule.....
  13. Congrats!!!! If you can please P.M. so i can get a little detail to the roads they took you guys. Once again Congrats and welcome to the family!, Tomorrow most likely you will meet up with others who qualified Day 7 to learn other Buses type. The ones that did not qualify on day 7 will continue with another Supt for training and etc...
  14. LOL we sure don't play.... We even made our own blockage beside the transit chain links.. We took the W/C seat belts strap and hook it across the other side W/C seat belt clips to form it like an "X" shape or just ran one across the lower level of the chain links just so if any passenger is trying to sneak underneath the chain, they wont be able to fully unless you're flexible. I'll tell you from an operator point, It feels so great to not have anyone boarding the front of the bus and really feel secured.
  15. I Just want to confirm the rear door boarding process which temporary starts effectively tomorrow March 23, 2020. All local/Limited buses only will allowed passengers to board/un-board through the back door with free of charge. The only passengers that will be allowed to board the front door is ADA passengers or passengers who are unable to board the rear door due to complication where they need the bus to kneel lower. For express buses passengers will still have to load through the front door and pay their fare but will not be allowed to sit at the first 3 front seats. Select Buses Service will do the same as local/limited buses service but will have to continue paying their fare by using the normal paying method and load at the rear doors. It also has been instructed due to the COVID-19 we are not allowed to load not more than 20 passengers "Which will be very hard to maintain". As a B41 Operator today we started the rear boarding a day earlier on the route and had buses either equipped with chain links or used the W/C seat belts to block off the area where passengers were not allowed temporary. As a operator point of view it made my day go a whole lot easier and quicker to maneuver down the routes. We shall see how will this turn out as the days follows during this crisis.
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