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  1. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Why dosent the MTA start making the Q12 or Q13 do limited stops from flushing to Bell BLVD and also have a Q13 & Q12 make all local stops.
  2. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    In Cali they ride the bus asking for tickets, where here they board and hold the bus for 5-7 minutes inspecting everybody ticket.
  3. I would add Flushing, Main st and Roosevelt ave
  4. One of the issues is the lack of enforcement of the bus lanes and parking restrictions. Durning some hours on busy streets there is no standing 6-9am but you still have cars parked and trucks making deliveries. Bus Lanes for the Q44sbs in Flushing and Hillside ave cars are parked and trucks making deliveries. Also vision zero dosent help where traffic signals have been changed in order to slow down traffic ex. a stretch of 10 blocks would have been green lights together now you have a green light every 3 blocks and then the next 3 blocks is red. You just added 3 to 5 minutes to your trip on the bus.
  5. Times are Changing...

    Any chance LGA will put New Flyer XD60's on the Q70SBS
  6. Pols call for Q75 bus to be restored

    Q75 had heavy ridership durning rush hour, if they bring it back maybe extend it to Queensborough Community College.
  7. https://youtu.be/WPJ26GRuOxQ
  8. Kew Garden Hills

    Q64 using artics?
  9. Q35 Erratic Service and Over Crowding

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/t5rjhmzjSGM" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Knew i had seen video of the Q35 with artics New Flyer D60HF ran on the Q35
  10. Q35 Erratic Service and Over Crowding

    Had to meet friends at Riis Park only reason to take the Q35
  11. Sunday with temps in the mid 90's going to the beach would be a great idea NOT if your going to take the Q35, not sure if it was staffing or scheduling problems but the overcrowding on the Q35 was unbelievable. Waited for the Q35 at Kings Highway & Flatbush at 9:15am every Q35 bus that approached was packed to the windshield and bypassed us and everybody that was waiting to head to the Rockaways. After the 4th bus passed us we took a bus to Flatbush Brooklyn College which is the first stop we finally made it onto a bus. But the amount of people the bus left behind at the first stop was close to a 100 people and every stop after must have had 2 to 3 dozen people waiting only to get bypassed and then at ave U and Flatbush (Kings Plaza) there must have been 4 or 5 dozen people. Cant the MTA run extra buses or artic buses. Last year I would see artic buses on the Q35 every once in awhile.
  12. Governor Cuomo next project should be to reactive the Rockaway Beach Line direct access to JFK from Midtown. Elimante congestion on Woodhaven & Crossbay.
  13. Here is the answer to SBS reactive the Rockaway Beach Line, tons of traffic would be removed from Cross Bay/Woodhaven Blvds


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