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  1. last night q12 had an artic on it
  2. yeah its a official it is going artic, also they were getting rid of the Q26.
  3. Looks like the Q12 out of Casey Stengal will go Artic was talking to a bus operator and they will be getting new non SBS artics said it will start in the Fall pick.
  4. Q27 should go back to CS also that line can use artics.
  5. How is Casey Stengel Depot closing and Jamaica Depot construction going to work? I was under the impression that Jamaica depot would be closing during construction.
  6. Back in the days the Q53 under Triboro coach would run express to Broad Channel and the Rockaways from Queens blvd. Those guys would fly down Woodhaven and Cross Bay Boulevards at like 50mph. Now that was real SBS not this crap they have now. Q44sbs at night is fast. Q35 is pretty good but is slow in the summer they could use antics in the summer.
  7. I have been on the Q44sbs with standing loads at 1am & 2 am when I get off work after a long day only to stand on my way home from Parkchester to Flushing. I believe they run every 15 to 20 minutes at that hour and even the buses heading in the opposite direction also have a standing load its a very heavy line.
  8. Does anybody know the code for the I LOVE NY sign? Saw a bus out of service last night with it and remember seeing a picture of it in the Daily News. Looks good at night with blue background and red heart. <a href="http://www.ttmg.org/photos/tlogan/NYMTA_NFI_7484b.jpg" title="Enlarge image" data-ipslightbox="" data-ipslightbox-group="g8136"><img alt="NYMTA_NFI_7484b.jpg" class="ipsImage ipsImage_thumbnailed" height="666" src="" width="1000"></a>
  9. They should have rebuilt the medians for a walkway and bike lane, like Ocean Parkway in Brooklyn. Leave the Q60 in the local service road and return parking spots to the left side of the service road instead of it being a bike lane that is hardly used. For the city to take away a lane from the main lane to make a bus lane makes no sense and to turn Queens Blvd into a traffic nightmare makes no sense.
  10. I have been to Canada "Quebec" and they run their articulated buses durning snowstorms with no problems. Maybe the buses are awd?
  11. This was how the Q44 sbs was during the NorEaster sitting in the Bronx with about 20 other buses behind because they banned trucks and buses from the Whitestone and Throgs neck Bridge. Complete standstill for 3 hours.
  12. Why dosent the MTA start making the Q12 or Q13 do limited stops from flushing to Bell BLVD and also have a Q13 & Q12 make all local stops.
  13. In Cali they ride the bus asking for tickets, where here they board and hold the bus for 5-7 minutes inspecting everybody ticket.

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