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  1. City of Rabat (HANABUS, STHB, AHSSAN BUS, RAHABUS, STB, SocTraB & LUX TRANSPORT) Before the arrival of the tramway in the capital and the new bus transit authority of the city. HANABUS RABAT busses, private company. AHSSAN BUS busses, private company (same group as Meknes City bus). Following soon... provided did not horrify by some models of bus!
  2. Great! A lot of pics here : http://victorprofessor.livejournal.com/106201.html I would have liked to know the size of its underground trains!
  3. City of Agadir & Inezgane (RATAG, ZETRAP & GAP) All these bus companies have recently been replaced by a single company of Urban Transport: Alsa Agadir (currently no photos). RATAG busses, old municipal transit authority. ZETRAP busses, private company GAP busses, private company All these vehicles are quickly damaged by sea salt and poor local conditions. Without speaking of the lack of maintenance and repair to the fashion of the country. Finished for Agadir & Inezgane, another Moroccan city in my next post.
  4. Nice pics! There was this bus model that runs on B15? Reassure me, it's the driver who wanted to put a different destination to surprise the photographer! I say this because I think to take the B15 to my arrival at JFK and I'm quite disappointed to take a "coach/bus" type vehicle and would prefer to make a true model of bus. C.U.Soon, Laurent
  5. Hello friends, Some pics of bus in Morocco taken during my various trips to the country from 2007 to 2011. Be carefull : some models may hurt your eyes!!! City of Meknes (City bus Meknes) The Iveco model former bus of Madrid network. Very few still run today, or in a state more than pathetic. Beautiful plume isn't it? With new paint scheme (not the final) The final paint scheme Finished for Meknes, another Moroccan city in my next post. C.U.Soon, Laurent
  6. Here is the page to get all the individual plans of bus line, subway line, tram line, RER A & B (operated by RATP). For the C, D & E line you have a general map. http://www.ratp.fr/fr/ratp/c_20559/plans-des-lignes/ And then, there is a real Atlas of the lines in "Ile de France", in and around Paris. All lines of all different operators are presented with information such as : their STIF(Transport union of the Ile de France) code, the commercial number appearing on the destination signs, the operator, kilometers performed, services, travel time, number of departure, etc...
  7. I would like to know if your night services by bus (taking off : 10.00pm to 5.00am) generally quiet, so operators do not have problems with users who don't want to pay such for exemple. In France, the incivility increase in significant ways on night services. At the same time can you tell me more about these services? Is that operator have a "prime" or night hours plus? How long are their working hours? Is it like here where these times are much better paid and requested by bus operator? C.U.Soon, Laurent
  8. Very nice transport system and good bus connections. I like this German network. I always wondered as would happen in case of emergency évacution with this type of material and even monorails ... C.U.Soon, Laurent
  9. Yesss ok!!! Thank you, I will visit this shop also. Could someone tell me if the store is open all the time because on the site it says: opening hours for holidays...
  10. I take advantage of my trip to see what is available in the Transit museum shop. Hoping that the NYPD museum could reopen by then ... What is GCT?
  11. I think this person (the operator) did what everyone should do. For people who find it abnormal I think it is better to apply the precautionary principle. While some may think the Stalin era where everyone felt watched : there it is for a good cause. If it is a law of the State of New York, the person was 8 years old or 80 years old is allowed to carry a weapon especially without a permit. If the person had all the permits to carry a weapon I think the police response would have to verify this and to reassure the people who saw this weapon. Would you have any remorse if you read in the newspapers later that the person was fired afer he get-off of the bus? C.U.Soon, Laurent
  12. Beautifull pics! There are a lot of RTS on the M42?

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