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  1. 3573 is a LaGuardia unit. 3753 was the other unit that ran at Spring Creek yesterday.
  2. It’s back at Kingsbridge. Must of been a one-day loan considering that the bus ran on the 36 last night.
  3. 4040 didn’t go to Quill. It was at Yukon the whole time.
  4. Service has been terrible on the Bx3 as of late. There were periods where the Bx3 didn't pop up for 25-35 minutes during midday and rush hours. Just now at 238 Street, a Bx3 finally showed up after waiting since 11:35 am and the bus is packed. I honestly have no idea what the hell is going on with Bx3 service as of late.
  5. There are still 9. Those units were retired yesterday, but they left the depot for scrap today.
  6. It’s LFS. You keep referring the artic acronym when KB hasn’t gotten any more Nova Artics during the past few weeks.
  7. 5790 repainted. 5813 was repainted again, now with a blue stripe on the front.
  8. Just saw 8551 on the Bx3 a few minutes ago. Its a nice visual change of pace from the usual hybrids that run up here.

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