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  1. 5993-94 weren't mentioned by anyone. I double-checked the past few pages beforehand and only 5987-92 were mentioned by others.
  2. 5993-5994 to Casey Stengel from LaGuardia. 1044 delivered to West Farms.
  3. 7508 delivered to Fresh Pond. 1040-1041 delivered to West Farms.
  4. It does now on the re-opened staircase. The MTA does say its only temporary until they re-open the downtown platform.
  5. 5534 & 5588 are back in service at KB. 5808, 5810 & 5820 to Gun Hill from Tuskegee. 262 to West Farms from Gleason.
  6. 5535, 5557, and 5598 are back in service at West Farms. 5696 is back in service at Kingsbridge.
  7. 5594 is still in service at WF, but its not listed on the roster.

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