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  1. You could easily increase service, or push service an hour later, before you need to extend the to a different destination for an hour only. service on the 60th Street tunnel can be fairly packed after midnight going to Astoria, but not nearly enough to warrant service to Queens Blvd.
  2. Bernie’s A Division “Please step aside, and let the customers off the train first” is my favorite.
  3. Well, just under 20 years, July of 2001, but you make a fair point.
  4. The real reason for those “some” is that they don’t have to fraternize with the less-affluent persons from East Harlem and the Bronx. It’s basically their train. Speed wise, the is faster.
  5. The only argument I’m making is that Lower Broadway doesn’t need additional weekend service beyond the . It was just the on weekdays until last year. The current and serves a purpose on the weekdays, but the weekend is only there to supplement riders, which is only necessary between QBP and TSQ. The goal should be to get trains back into the effected area as quickly as possible.
  6. Am I disagreeing with you there? SAS needs more service, 4th Avenue needs more service, heck most of New York needs more service.
  7. I’m not sure if you rode the back in the 80s and 90s (when it was running via Montague), but I did. During weekdays, when they couldn’t send all the trains to Sea Beach, they short turn trains at Canal (not Whitehall) and it worked like a charm. I ride from QBP to DeKalb Tues-Sat, and most of the time, I see the empty at Prince St southbound during the peak of the AM Rush. Astoria needs the extra service, and you can’t send more trains through DeKalb, that’s the only reason the supplemental service exists.
  8. The today serves a purpose. It throws a wrench in my life (well, the leaving Queens does) but it’s functional. On the weekends? No reason for it.
  9. It’s extremely stupid to run the at all on the Weekends. No one, and I mean no one, needs the Financial District on the weekend, and those who do can easily take the . The only place you need supplemental service is between Qboro and TSQ. Since the headways were every six minutes combined (or every twelve for each line) it would make more sense to run additional ’s and have them short turn at Canal. This way they can be more flexible and not have their hand forced to dispatch out ’s, and they can get the trains back up to Ditmars quicker. It’s absolutely absurd, considering the ’s are technically ’s internally.
  10. They shouldn’t focus on that. The wouldn’t get that until QBL CBTC switches become an issue, which is usually 3-4 years before activation, or 2020-2021.
  11. No, the R46’s for the would come from the , so Queens Blvd can be 100% NTT. Then, the would be slated to get R211’s.
  12. That’s my one fear with the R46 in Astoria. They won’t dispatch an R68 with roll signs, but conductors could very easily incorrectly program, or have a broken program on the R46. I feel like 33% of the Queens bound ’s say “To Bay Ridge” because conductors don’t think to re-program it, or the program is jammed. Obviously, this is still better than rollsigns, but the R46 aren’t a perfect option. Not to mention that the 30 R46 from the will not be enough to cover the fleet, you’d need at a few more sets of R68 in addition to what you already have.
  13. Astoria is a huge indication of this. All the mom & pop stores are closing, and only the mega-corporations that can pay the rent are staying. Foot traffic is essential. http://weheartastoria.com/2018/01/30th-avenue-subway-closure-problems-astoria-closings-challenges-chains/
  14. Probably over to the train, as some of it’s R160’s go to the .
  15. Hold on to the tapes! If not, try selling them.
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