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  1. Ok, today i again rode by double-decker train. 2nd floor The interchange station. View from the single-decker train window (blue) Mediterranean sea Only in ISRAEL.
  2. Nice trams u making, keep do it
  3. Meanwhile in Russia (Grozny, Chechnya) Highest tower in city (40 fl) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CrFG7lmB4RI&feature=share Live
  4. Today. Haifa. Carmel tunnel project, Haifa Render from web, its almost finished
  5. Jerusalem Light Rail (46 trams) Operating speed - 80 km/h (50 mph) Rolling stock - Alstom Citadis 302 (France) After repeated delays due to archaeological findings and other issues, service began, initially free of charge, on August 19, 2011. It became fully operative on December 1, 2011. The line is 13.9 kilometers (8.6 mi) long with 23 stops. Extensions are planned to the north to Neve Yaakov and to Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital to the southwest. When completed, these will extend the line's length to 22.5km. BTW, unlike in Europe, in Jerusalem tram is double rolling stock, what makes Jerusalem tram 2 times longer than Europeinian. Map Few pics from web: This winter Depot Evening Ohhh i hope to join to them as soon as possible. But who am i will be? Russian, who lives in Brooklyn, or jew, who lives in Brooklyn? Or im gonna be russian jew, who lives in Brooklyn?
  6. Now all the buses are riding on this line, the new bus Haargaz Metronit Bus, which i posted few weeks ago (12 mar) is not in service yet. "Rakevet Israel" (Israel Railways) depot
  7. On the 1st page there is one pic of Dan (MetroDan) bus, in the city i lived half year during 2010-2011 (Beer Sheva): Even took a video: Inside the Dan bus:
  8. Yes, Minato ku is right, this is bus line and bus stop. Bus in testing now, and stops in each stop.
  9. Haargaz Metronit Bus (Inter-Urban Coach by MAN) in my city (Kiryat Motzkin, Haifa), 20 meters length, (65 feet), taken today to my mobile phone.
  10. Thanks, love this double decker train!!
  11. Thanks! Is M8 only in MNRR, or in LIRR too? And what about new M9?
  12. Diesel


    Thanks! I don't know, if i will ever more study in my life, although i love architecture and engineering and its what i'd like to do in my life (except transportation), just love how cities constructed, urbanization, bridges, tunnels, roads, buildings etc. And the studies just a one of the ways to come to the USA, and as normal human i'd like to get higher education (i just finished high school), but i don't think i have a chances to study in most greatest city ever as New York... at least it sounds to me fantastic...... Thanks, btw good idea, get married american girl And im playing in green card lottery too..... 3 years.... not lucky yet.... even have 3 refuses to U.S. tourist visa.... so i really dont know what to do.. nothing except illegal staying doesn't comes to my mind.... for example just to come to the USA as tourist and just don't back home...... or through Canada (if ill get 4th refusal to tourist visa), next year ill get Israel passport, and it's means that i dont need visa to Canada, i heard about people who helps to pass Canadian - U.S. border for money.. yep, sounds crazy but im just tired to wait while my U.S. dream comes true.
  13. Diesel


    Yes, i tried to go to Yeshiva University in Harlem (North Manhattan), and we are even communicated by email, so i understood that i dont have possibility to go there (financial reasons, cuz study is very expensive there), even if i will luck for International Financial Aid Application i have to pay for room and meal... so i don't think this is good idea. May be it different for the City University of New York, in the truth i dont know other universities except Yeshiva University, although if all the question that i need study visa - i can to try to get it through one of many yeshivas in Brooklyn (visa type F1), but i for US Citizenship and Immigration Services i will need to have reasons to stay in the USA.
  14. Diesel


    Oh can i help you with hebrew? Just looking for ways to move to the USA.
  15. Diesel


    I dont know about asian languages, but hebrew is very easy language, as usually enough 5-6 months learnings for to speak hebrew very well. Thank you! Thanks! Lol me too!
  16. Diesel


    Be patient, it takes time. Yes, but as ussualy the words are means what they are means and nothing other (if ure doubt what this word is it, u just looking to the all meaning of a sentence).
  17. Diesel


    ?שלום! תודה, אני ב"ה, אתה מדבר עברית
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