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  1. Nice lens and pics too! What body you use?
  2. Yes, for example im ukrainian jew, but for you and them russian is everyone who can speak in russian
  3. Actually, most in Israel in three languages: hebrew, english and arabic. And is i heard, Israel long time talks about adding russian.
  4. Buses in my city (Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine): And here how we are getting off the bus:
  5. Yes... we have much foreign, even jets are american, cuz of this the project Lavi ("Young lion") has been closed and we lost our personal jet, which was to be built according to Israeli requirements. And heres rumors that americans wants to sfuff us Abrams tanks... so may be soon we will lose legendary Merkava too.... thats sadly, i loved it... My pic, taken in Israel tank museum (Latrun). Man.. the hole where i came from..... dude, israeli buses the best buses i ever rode
  6. Unfortunately i dont know almost nothing about israel transport industry, but from other threads i knew that Man (full name is MAN Lion's City) made in Lion, Germany. This is city and intercity bus. Next most famous bus is Irizar (Spain), intercity bus. Next model... omg sorry, there is no international bus, the borders in Israel are closed. Use plane for your abroad trips. Wiki says that Israel made only one model of buses - Merkavim (simular to famous 65 tonn israeli Merkava tank, Merkava = Chariot), but they are made on the basis other buses Man, Volvo, Mercedes and Daf. I just now found this forum, here is alot of pics of Israel buses. http://buzzybeeforum.nl/viewtopic.php?f=51&t=10736
  7. I guess the city spending lots of money for maintain roads in good condition. And all the infrastructure as well.
  8. Yaa, that what i meant, all types of transportation located in same place. Transportation museum in service.
  9. Is this Philadelphia? Interesting transportation is there.
  10. What's on your mind? - "I remember when, I remember, I remember when I lost my mind. There was something so pleasant about that place. Even your emotions have an echo in so much space". (C) Gnarls Barkley

    1. CDTA


      I love that song.

  11. Nice pics, Daniel! What camera and lenses you use? Good quality, i guess its full frame camera (i dont see the noise on night pics, very clean).
  12. Is there in New York bad roads????
  13. Buses, buses, buses, love it!!!
  14. Love new NYC buses, looks very modern!!
  15. Or just not underground (surface) subway calls rail roads? And does it means that even underground NY subway has 4 rails too (as usually its two)?
  16. Yes, i found this place, but now i dont understand nothing. I open Google Earth, click to Rail, i see this: Ok, after i zoomed in to Brooklyn, and clicked Subway, and i see this: But when i click Rail and Subway together i see this: And everywhere where i clicked Rail + Subway i see 4 rails, that are separated by a fence, as Amtrak7 said: So, there are some others rail roads except LIRR? Cuz in most of Brooklyn i dont see rail roads on LIRR map.
  17. To TS, if you want i help you, i just used many ways, used many softs, and i found the best way to edit lots of pics in short time. Here is an examples on my site (http://bigstuff.info/travel/), just found the best way between quality and time. P.S. i use ooooold Nikon D60, and you use much better and newer camera then mine.
  18. Now all clear, thanks. About London as i thought i was wrong, (it's just plus two collecting rails). And where can i see an examples of separate pairs of tracks in NY? Cuz google shows me something different from "separate pairs of tracks new york".
  19. Ohhh i love it, looks very modern (actually as everything in Europe), and yeah, the first thing i thought looking at this photo - robot, terminator!! Yes, in one year ill get israel passport (darkon), which means visa-free travel many countries, and all the Europe too.
  20. About drivers uniform - i guess its all cuz of israel heat, and drivers will be necessary to change their t-shorts few times in day, but may be im wroung, cuz in every bus a/c working like as youre somewhere in Greenland.
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