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  1. Never saw subway trains like these!! Looks very modern.
  2. Love these double-decker trains!!! And ICE too.
  3. Here are few pics of new Jerusalem MAN NG-363F buses from web, i've rode many times in it, and will ride soon to (source):
  4. In this color looks cool!! Now i see in wiki, Man Lion City's - full name of Man buses, even didnt know.
  5. Yeah, there are not only transportation controversies, orthodox jews arrange controversies about everything what interferes with their life, also shops, factories, which works in shabbat for example, everything.... ill not live near them.
  6. Israeli double-decker train February 2010 December 2010 Mart 2011
  7. Jerusalem Light Rail November 2010 January 2011 June 2011
  8. Ya, nice buses, very comfortable, i never rode in buses like this before i came to Israel (im ukrainian).
  9. Some pics of Israeli buses, made by me during 2010-2011. All the pics you can see on my site http://bigstuff.info/travel/ (sorry, its not english yet). Have a dream to take a pics from USA/Canada too.
  10. ????????? r u serious? actually he permitted by copyright. And not those photos, but this.
  11. Just looked for few pics of rails in New York here, on this forum, so i see that usually NY lines uses 3 rails, but im not guess that 3rd is subway (or conversely, commuter), cuz where is backward rail? Ohhh if you knew how much i want to come to NYC and to get all the answers to all my questions personally!!!!!
  12. 1st pic.... New York evening... so impressive!!! What can (could?) be better??
  13. Thanks! LU - London Underground? You mean London uses the same tracks for both trains (subway and commuter)? As i see on this pic here we have two types of rails, may be thats what you meant. And as i understand in the USA there is just two parallel lines of subway and commuter, yes? Or am i wrong and confusing?
  14. Yes, my thread called "Shalom!". Wow, really a lot, all the USA, and some in Canada. Thanks, couldn't even imagine!!! All this trains are interstate, or internal? Love it! Now i understand, thanks. Same situation like in London (all this low bridges, tunnels), and all the world i guess.
  15. Love bus front design on 1 and 5 photo!!
  16. I actually have problems to visit U.S., as i already wrote in my thread in New Member Introductions.
  17. Cool pics and videos!
  18. But why on the pict you took wagon looks lower (or wider) than Chicago double decker train? Your And Chicago Actually i like more this one.
  19. Thanks. So all new buses release in roof mount a/c version only?
  20. OMG i love all double decker transportation and never thought that somewhere else except Chicago area there is double decker trains.
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