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  1. I dont think this was ever used as an officlal option either. Many times Bergen County riders from the Port would go uptown to catch an NJT bus when there were major delays at the Tunnel, but cross honoring in the subway was never an option. They had to swallow the fare. This option makes a lot more sense for nearby Bergen/Hudson riders as opposed to Secaucus Junction especially for riders in Fort Lee, Englewood, Teaneck, Hackensack, etc.
  2. I saw a fairly recent post on facebook that njt some time before the coronavirus had programmed route destination signs for route 183 to replace the 11c and route 184 to replace the 84. I presume this may have been dead in the water even before the coronavirus, but does anyone have any info on whether njt had considered operating the lines?
  3. Many of the NJ private companies are beginning to restore service. Lakleland has been operating 6 round trips between Dover and NYC. Shortline and Suburban supposed to come back with a limited schedule starting June 15. http://njbus.blogspot.com/2020/06/coronavirus-service-restoration.html
  4. NJT is generally running more service on Monday - Memorial Day than it has in the past when they ran Saturday schedules on most lines. Anyone know why, especially with ridership down significantly do to the Coronavirus? Timetables are here: https://www.njtransit.com/bus-holiday-schedules/memorial-day-2020-holiday
  5. Lakeland is coming back with 6 round trips per day on its Rt 46/80 line between Rockaway Mall and the PABT beginning Monday May 18th.
  6. TransBridge has suspended all service. DeCamp is suspending all service starting tomorrow.
  7. Many private bus carriers in NJ have greatly cut back service due to low ridership due to the Coronavirus. Community Coach has cut the 77 to just 3 inbound and 4 outbound trips. NJT may cut back service soon too. http://njbus.blogspot.com/2020/03/some-carriers-temporarily-reducing.html
  8. Right. They barely ran at all the last few months. They supposedly owe $57k to the pa in back rent. Too bad they ran the service into the ground. Maybe njt can incorporate at least portions of the routes into their operations in the near future..
  9. Port Authority has given official notice that their last official day of operation is Jan 24th. http://njbus.blogspot.com/2020/01/saddle-river-tours-11c-and-2084.html
  10. Any updates? SRT drivers say they are done either this week or next.
  11. Not sure what ridership is any more on the 11C. It was fairly busy at rush hour the last time I took it. The weekend schedule is useless. Whoever takes it over needs to improve on it. Later weeknight bus service from the GW Bridge could help too. It used to be 8.45 when Rockland Coaches last had it.
  12. Sorry for the long time in responding. NJT used to run the 171 every 10 mins I believe at rush hour. It was the Maplewood/Intercity Route 40 before NJT took over. I have an old timetable from 1981 posted here: http://njbus.blogspot.com/2012/12/maplewood-equipment-route-40-1981-this.html
  13. Thanks for the great pics! Agreed, the 11C weekend service is virtually non-existent with only 2-4 runs at times so inconvenient, it is a useless service. Not sure anyone is there to take it if the buses happen to show up. Some background on SRT taking over the 11C and 20/84 and pics posted here: http://njbus.blogspot.com/2014/04/saddle-river-tours-taking-over-11c-and.html They essentially took over the lines as part of their effort to get the Bergen County Local bus contract which as mentioned above, they recently secured.
  14. Looks like SRT will be starting the Bergen contract this month according to NJT timetables

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