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  1. I had a list but can't seem to find it, any help is appreciated.
  2. Sorry the quote thing isn't working well on my browser, but yea I was on my trip about 40mins in from Jamaica into Manhattan and passed thru CTL and heard nothing from rcc, my train operator told me as well he heard nothing over the radio about that suspension in service so I definitely knew it wasn't just my radio lol.
  3. Traveling from Queens(forest hills side) into Manhattan I heard nothing over the radio that the M was suspended, all I heard was about the broken rail by 34st, while at some stop in manhattan my train operator had to tell me over the ic that someone from 71st ave came and told him the M was suspended. I thought there was just delays and that's from me checking the mta website before I went underground to work.
  4. I agree, just yesterday no word from anyone that the M was suspended
  5. Thanks guys, I actually worked a 6xx the next day after I posted this so I found out I was on the board
  6. I believe regular jobs begin with 1xx,2xx, or 3xx and temporary jobs are 7xx,8xx,9xx what jobs are 456? for example 6xx means pm shift for what?
  7. Thanks for the answer guys, appreciated
  8. Hi, I was wondering if someone could answer these two questions about conductor school car, I did a search but found different answers or none. What is the pay for for schoolcar? same rate as starting conductor or lower wage cause it's training? What days and hours are schoolcar? Is it set like M-F 8am-4pm or does it vary with each person? I work evenings and just wanted to know what I should do with my old job when the time comes, thanks
  9. Mid 900 list# and got my letter in mail today to come in next Wednesday . Thought I would have had to wait till like summer or fall after that the 1st letter about the bus driver hiring came last month. btw, about how long is this pre empolyment process for the day? I go in at 7:30am, what time can I expect to leave? Just wondering cause I start work at 5pm.
  10. Major question for those that got their employment letter yesterday or today and are suppose to appear on 1/8. I got a letter as well yesterday and i'm mid 900 on the conductor list BUT the letter I got says this is to fill immediate Bus Operator vacancies if I want that job, but if I pass on this B/O position my name will still be called when my list number for Conductor is reached. So did you all get a letter to come in for the Conductor position or a letter to fill for Bus Operator position if you choose to?
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