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  1. I'm almost 100% sure your wrong. You just need to get into Queens then you can move around to whatever depot you want once a year (not that anyone would want to do that) You may lose your seniority in the depot but you can move around Queens.
  2. Yes once you are in Queens you are in Queens for life unless you can come up with some serious reason to make a move back to the other Depots's. But you can bounce around depot's in Queens once a year. @Acela Express, I have learned the 44 the 41 and a little of the 46, I enjoy it so far, the dollar vans are funny LOL.
  3. Put my transfer in for Queens on day one but when the pick came up no Queens depots where available so picked Flatbush. Yesterday was my first day.
  4. Passed on day 7 guys!!!! Back to the Bronx tomorrow and Friday. I still have to take my DMV CDL Road Test with them but I think I will be okay.
  5. Day 3 and 4 done. Learned more difficult turns, drove in flushing which is like a mini Manhattan LOL. Did some highway driving, learned to parallel park the bus, service bus stops, air brake test, interior and exterior pre-trip inspections (very important for me because I have to take a DMV road test at some point with the MTA), did the L-Pillar test which is where you drive in and out of the Pillars of an elevated train. And I'm sure some other stuff I don't remember right now. No issues with any of it and got satisfactory's for both days. Monday we are hitting Manhattan baby!!!!!!!
  6. Day 1 of driving went good, no real issues for someone who has never driven a bus before. Day 2 learned different types of turns highway driving, did my Air brake test properly along with exterior and interior pre-trip inspections. But rushed myself around a right turn and scrub a curb, then went to make a left turn and initially turned into the left turn lane instead of the right turn lane. Oh well no biggie.
  7. Think I'm 8006. First day was just an orientation LOL. Today will be my first day of bus training.
  8. First day is tomorrow. Wish me luck guys. I'm so excited.
  9. Just from that comment you can see why he did not get called back.
  10. Well good luck. It was a huge surprise for me when I got the letter in the mail.
  11. I do not remember my score but I was list number 3372.
  12. Well I passed the test then got called for a physiological maybe a month after. After that I did not hear from the MTA for over two years except for a letter stateing my list number and test score. Two years later and three visits to Brooklyn and I start training/qualifying on the 28th
  13. Great, so your just parking on the street somewhere? I'm not to familiar with the city especially the Bronx and I really don't want to risk getting on the wrong train or bus and screwing up the job.
  14. So hows the parking at the training facility in the Bronx?
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