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  1. That's why I didn't want to go to MTA Bus was because of the pension plan. And knowing MTA that could be years before that happen if it even does. And the union doesn't seem to be very aggressive in trying to do anything for a new contract.
  2. Thanks RTS, oh and how far back do they look at your driving record?
  3. Oh ok cool, I just asked because I'm taking the TCP classes thru the union to take the promotional. Are those civil service exam books worth getting for the test or the classes should be fine. We learned a lot about the signals and operations of the train. I'm in car equipment (cleaner) in a maintenance shop so I try to learn the train and signals as much as possible. Any other helping words would be appreciated.
  4. Welcome!

    1. Quill Depot

      Quill Depot

      Welcome to NYCTF! I've been around the loop once and on the Blue to the O'hairport.

  5. Thanks RTS4Life, I'm taking the exam this Saturday for TA B/O is there any other difference between OA and TA besides the civil service title and should I stay TA since I'm TA already? Despite I only been a CTA for 4 months, and I'm only 27
  6. I was called last year but I didn't want to go with MTA Bus, so now I'm waiting for MaBSTOA to start hiring.
  7. How far back do they look at your driving record? And what are some of the infractions or suspension types that can result in disqualification?
  8. Are there any commercial driving schools that use buses like or similar to the ones used in training? Meaning with the wheels behind the driver and not in front of.
  9. Congrats!! Which division are you starting training for MTA Bus, MaBSTOA, or TA?
  10. Are the exam questions on the promotional exam for Train Operator different from the Open Competitve? If so what should I study when the test come around?
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