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  1. i think i passed pretty well on the 3606 exam...but after all this Im wondering if they will be taking their sweet time in calling me lol
  2. is LIRR doing anything in the future with testing or o/c exams? im itching to jump in again..lol
  3. just got mine as well....if its anything like the car inspector exam I think I should do ok...
  4. these pics are awesome! makes me wanna go jump on a train for a interstate roadtrip just to use the sleeper cars lol
  5. I think you should go for it..as RTO said you might never get this chance again...and I think you would end up very comfortable once retirement comes around from MTA.
  6. I remember taking the exam for diesel mechanic in 2006...i got called for the interview 2 weeks after the exam, and totally bombed the interview. 23 yrs old and my first real professional business-like scenario, got cold feet and stuttered, prolly said some things they thought were wrong and that was that..never got called. Been kicking myself to this day for losing that opportunity...
  7. Ive applied to many of those positions over the past 7 months..never got so much as a reply back...
  8. What Postal said....with that kinda list number you might be waiting a while for C/R...
  9. Im scheduled to take this exam as well...they bumped it to the 18th though.
  10. lol I think I applied to this one....prolly one of the 14 positions i applied for, and I have yet to get any kind of response from MTA..
  11. i just spent the evening reading through this entire thread, and it has been great!!! I am scheduled to take the Car Inspector Exam in May...I hope I get to see some of you guys around in the future. So amped!
  12. the new assistant signal maintainers posting is up this month...probably going to send my application into them for it, seeing how long this takes. 21 pages to mail in? jeez..
  13. I saw this train Sunday afternoon cruising around the yard west of Jamaica Terminal...wasnt aware they were here in Long Island yet!
  14. whats up fellas (and ladies?) I just found this forum after some random searching around google Ive always been into trains as long as I can remember and Ive been trying to get into the LIRR recently. I took the Diesel Mechanic exam back in 2007, passed and went for the interview but I bombed that I believe (first professional interview), as I never got the call. I have several applications out to various positions in MTA but I dont know what my chances of getting called are, as I can imagine 1000s of people must have applied to them.... Looking forward to being a part of the community here and learning as much as I can!
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