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  1. I meant what I said. ATO is also shut down throughout the entire IND, so there's only 20 tph in all IND tunnels, that includes the Manhattan Bridge.
  2. Come on. $1 million per station, is not that much, compared to how much is lost by slowing down trains. For SAS, that's $8 million max. For the 7 train extension, it should cost no more than $4 million.
  3. Next: A stupid train conductor trying to beat a train on the southbound tracks accidentally derailed at the Canal Street interlocking, so both southbound tracks of Canal Street are closed. Also, service on the Queens Boulevard line is suspended between 50 Street and Queens Plaza for platform door installation. (And take into account that 57 St- 7 Avenue is still closed.)
  4. Heh, maybe it's time the started to consider Platform Screen doors.
  5. If the motormen slow down, there's a chance that multiple trains might get cancelled.
  6. Next, Grand Central Station is out of service due to a bombing. How do you reroute traffic?
  7. 57 Street-Seventh Avenue is closed in both directions because of a police investigation. How would you reroute service?
  8. Put them on the and give the R160s from the to the . Or, install CBTC on the R160s.
  9. Hopefully the trains won't crash into each other, or even worse, derail.
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