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  1. As much as I like seeing R32s on the , it'd be funny to learn that it's not happening lol
  2. Damn it's been 2 years. Nothing's changed here lol
  3. You're talking about that incident from last year right?
  4. The R27s and R30s only lasted for like 30 years because they were very heavy and if they got rebuilt with air conditioning, they would be too heavy so they were retired prematurely. They weren't bad trains. The differences between the R16s and R27s were that the R16s had circular and openable storm doors (RFW) and were manufactured by American Car Foundry while the R27s were built by Saint Louis Car Company and had a square shaped storm door window. There was one R27 left in MTA property which was 8145 but got scrapped last year because it was in bad shape
  5. One R32 and one R68 (or R68A) will come from 207 Yard for PM line service only. The R32 will either be made up at 207 Yard or will be an AM line lay up from 168 with 2 cars added. The requires one less train for the PM rush than the AM rush. The R68 will be a post AM rush lay up off the stored at 207 Yard. Like the , the requires one less train for the PM rush compared to the AM rush. At night, the R68 will return to Concourse for the the next morning.
  6. There are no pics but if anything, I have spoken to old school older railfans and they said they've seen it before. BTW, an R68 did pop up on the
  7. There have been R68s/68As on the before in the 90s
  8. Isn't it because the R160s on the is causing vibration on Fourth Avenue?
  9. Send each one or a few to other depots to be housed at

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