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  1. The KAKA Backpack: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07RHQ3VTJ/ref=twister_B07RDM553K?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  2. Just a question: From the time when Medic started this topic until now, has anyone noted a change in RTO? Those who were hired from this list around that time have at least 2 years in Motors. Good, bad, indifferent? Move this over to the Crew if need be please. Thanks!
  3. Ken, park at Concourse Yard, which is on 204 & Jerome Ave (3911 Jerome Ave), i.e., directly next to Mosholu Tower. Then, take the 4 @ BPK to WDL.
  4. It may well be your own coworker...true story.
  5. Drive to work if it takes less than half the time to get to your report location by public transportation. Otherwise, dark sunglasses, black jacket over the shirt, take off the cap and get some sleep until your stop. AND, black shades in your room 'cuz that sun will keep you up if you're pms or mids
  6. I heard about that...CRICKEY!!! Talk about pick guilt. 9 months for us. Then again, TA hired T/Os over the past 3 -4 years like they were going outta style.
  7. For real, i actually got 3 days out of Brooklyn & 2 days on the GCS.
  8. must be on the job past probation to be CBTC. as long as your answer is written somewhere official like an updated signal guide given to you by Service Delivery and/or more importantly the rule book, you WILL NOT fail the signal exam
  9. Keep this in mind when you finish school car & decide from then if you want to stay on the road or not: Study your rules, 2 pages a day, 5 minutes a day. Read 3 bulletins a day...You too can be a bearded grand wizard of teaching.
  10. I'd say go B Div. Only because your "probation" will be over fast with the yard stretch in between school car. That'll give you less stress on the road.
  11. Who've you had as instructors so far?
  12. ScreechyFlange...that name is classic!!!
  13. Somebody better let us know WTF is goin on out there in schoolcar...
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