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  1. Good to hear from you so you stuck out there in queens now!!!! Actually we got the 60, the regular 15 is going to tuskegee and the sbs15 is going to mother clara along with the M1 M7 and M35 But I know all about 125th remember I did line training in tuskegee so the 101 go thru there. And Im going to be looking for you know because I do the M20 and I might see you at 34th and 7th ave where those two lines meet up. No doudt you welcome Im going to be checking this site more than I used to for any one who has questions or need any help with anything.
  2. Thanks RTS I was at tuskegee today for the shoe truck and I spoke with the chairman of the union at that depot, I know some guy on here was worried about the hiring freeze he said they usually slow down with hiring at this time of year until everyone choose their depot and then start everything up again. So I think they will start classes again sometime in Jan. But this not always the case because last year my class started on Dec2 so I guess they needed more drivers then this year. But there is no freeze just a slow down for right now.
  3. Yooooooooooooooooo Fuoco Whats good Dam you still be on here!!! I was just passing thru and saw your comment. But whats going on How is everything? Two weeks and probation over with son!!!!!! When you pick I pick on the 2nd of Dec. Im trying to stay at quill if I dont get bumped but I checked the board the other day it was a lot of runs still open on the floater list. 126 a special place huh you must liked it there, now we getting the m60 and remember we downtown so after we report we have to make any releif at 106 and they giving us an hour and twenty mins to get uptown so those are gonna be like 10 hour runs. Im hearing a lot of drivers are following the 60 is that true? and where you trying to go BK or staying in manhattan.
  4. yo fuoco whats good I know wasnt on here for a while but o well lol, but at least you picked already i dont pick until monday quill seniority is off the chain and i went to the pick room today and its scraps left and i have like 20 people still in front of me. i wanted to pick off the floater list so if thats not available i will try to get vacation relief. I will be real sick to get the extra list again i really dont like it because they have too much control off you. But i will let you know what i picked. Hell with the extra list it's just not for me.
  5. We didnt have a trolley brake either for rts training our supt was chillin in that front seat but I know one thing there were many people that should have went to day 8 and 9 and maybe 10, the way they was driving was like we was still on day 3 or something. So nycpips is right some supt are tougher than others because the one i had was not having it.
  6. That M5 is a long ass route, But I do like going down to south ferry when I do the M20 from my depot, I do my layover right at the corner didnt know so many females take that ferry wow
  7. Dam thats terrible because our seat belt straps across our waist not our chest and to be honest sometimes I forget its on.
  8. The operator did'nt have his seatbelt on?
  9. Yeah man I'm in quill and when I woke up today and saw that shit on the news I was sick,This is what we are facing every time we behind the wheel. It's you against all the D**khead drivers out there. I really wish I didnt have to go in today but my rdo's are thu and fri
  10. Hey singuy you cant call no one a rookie yet you dont have that privilege lol
  11. Well Well Well I just got the news today me and 6 other of my classmate's got bumped out of our depot today, we will report to Quill on monday so my man wanna be I just might get the chance to met you. Yo fuoco good word of advice for the students, I guess we will be in Quill for the year but it's no sweat we still getting paid, thats one thing my instructor told us not to get comfortable at any depot for the first year because they can bump you at any time. Personally MTA can send me to staten island to work I would'nt care. And I'm from the Bronx. Monday is day 5 for you guy's if I'm correct take your time fella's and no hitting curbs,call out everything,scan them mirrors. When you reach Day 5 you must show the instructor them starter jitters is out your system and you can handle that bus safely as if passengers is on it. O yeah and cover that right side.
  12. What!!!!! Lights out so early lol haha I'm just on my second beer. I told you guys training is no joke yeah they do throw a lot of info at you and you must get a grip real quick. I'm just picking on you student because when you get to your depot thats what the vets gonna call you guys students and when you get your badge they gonna call you rookie or probie so just get used to it. let me tell you students something if you have to go to day 8 or 9 it isnt the end of the world dont stress out over it just do the dam thing. My class there was a lot of people that went to day 10 and guess what they pushing these artic's and shorty's up and down the road getting this money.
  13. Hey I told you guys a long time ago not to post your list numbers on this forum and people thought I was paranoid but seriously we dont know who is monitoring this forum so for precaution I never did, I know wannabe remember what I'm talking about.
  14. Hey fellas good luck with your new career and "Come Get Some Of This Money". With that being said please,please have at least 5 different depots that you would like to go to because trust me out of those five none of them may be available for you to pick so you may want to have even more than that as a back up plan. What I did is went on the internet check the lines the depot's have and then pulled up the route maps on mta info, so i did some research before pick day. A lot of my class mates didnt have back up plans and when the depot they wanted wasnt up there they really had no idea what they was picking into.
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