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  1. One last question Bismarck, then some info. What date did you take the conductor exam ? There will be 4 more classes this year. One in May, one in July, September, and either November or December on the fourth.
  2. Bismarck, are you a current metro north employee ?
  3. I wish, passed the test in jan., recently called hr and was told I passed the background, waiting for my interview, no chance at the march class. Hope to get a crack at the may class.
  4. Is anyone out there in the march 20th metro north conductor class, or recently interviewed for conductor ?
  5. Thanks for that. Called downtown this morning, got some good info as to the possible timeframe for things to happen.
  6. Anybody ? Bueller, bueller ?
  7. Has anyone that took the metro north conductor test on either jan 8 or jan 10, been called for an interview ? The emails were sent out about 3 weeks ago saying they would start conducting the background check. I know it takes time to conduct the checks, but was just curious.
  8. I received notice that I had passed about two weeks ago, and that they were doing the background check. I know it takes a little time. Without going too into detail, I have already gone through a medical for another job, and they said they will give the official offer in about two weeks. I don't want to miss out on a chance at becoming a conductor. I already work for metro north, and I am in a spot with lots of ot, so I'm a little torn on which way to go.
  9. Any idea if that class is all set, or do they still need to fill it ? I passed the conductor test that was given in the beginning of January, I am also going through the hiring process for two other jobs, and am trying to weigh my options.
  10. I guess the biggest question is, when is the next conductor class starting ?
  11. Sorry for all the questions, but what happens if someone fails a periodical exam ?
  12. How often are the periodical exams ? And also, reading through similar posts, it seems up to 20/40 is ok.
  13. Is there a certain line for conductors and engineers ? Do you need to have 20/20 or is there any leeway ? I know the color test is big, which I am good there, but I am about 20/25 in both eyes with correction. Any help is appreciated.
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