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  1. anyone have the DCS# to check the 4600 list ?
  2. OA all you have to is apply and pass the BOSS TA take an actual test and the BOSS must pass both and you are hired as a civil service employee OA employees are not civil service
  3. yes they will check if not on your abstract they will not hold you accountable for it HOWEVER do not lie they will check anytime while you are on probation and you will get FIRED !!!!! period and the union can not help be honest on the application ... now the medical that's another story once you get called for medical be sure to check back here or feel free to shoot me a message and ill guide to the best of my knowledge GOOD LUCK TO ALL
  4. IRRC they want you to go back 10 years double check before you leave it out don't hide anything on the application
  5. EXACTLY!!!! my point now you have 1 more month left on your probation stay out of trouble and scan those mirrors .......
  6. again they will look if its minor he should be good , they also will look at his Driving record completely
  7. you shouldn't be disqualified if your driving record is good other than this fender bender make sure to mark on your application be upfront about it
  8. FYI as of MONDAY 12/7/15 candidates were still being called for final processing from EXAM 2613 so 4600 is still on pause also the MTA seems to be HIRING more OA operators there is a class training now out of several DEPOTS i spoke to a few some were OA some were MTA BUS i was told the total class # was of 80 candidates GOOD LUCK TO ALL
  9. i would disclose it to the MTA asap but i would explain that you are just the owner of the company ! as you may know or not the MTA pays for all of your DRIVER'S LICENSE RENEWALS!!!! so basically as an unwritten rule the MTA owns YOUR license while you are EMPLOYED by them ..... GOOD LUCK TO ALL
  10. its best to disclose to MTA about your limo company , however MTA frowns upon dual employment be careful what you sign or how you plan on explaining this to them ....
  11. any questions ask away or shoot me a pm ill try my best to hep with any info i may have GOOD LUCK TO ALL !!!!
  12. guys if you get placed on a medical hold and cant get it taken care of asap your list # can and will be passed up , it does not mean you will be disqualified but it does mean that if you do hired later you will be lower on the list and have less seniority if you never got placed on medical hold everything on this job is about seniority again and again stay healthy not too sure on this one try to have under control and bring the letter with you MAC if you do in fact get HIRED they will call you down every 6 months for a re check to make sure its under control
  13. guys do not over think the process get your CDL asap stay healthy and have all your paper work in order keep a clean license , Don't worry about routes or about the superintendent not liking you . when on the 7 to 10 day training you need to Demonstrate control of the vehicle and be able to be Proactive on the road ... you need to be able to drive that Bus safely the routes you will learn them as you go along BEST OF LUCK TO ALL !!!! word to the wise get a full medical check up prior to reporting for the medical from your personal Doctor if you have any issues get the attention you before hand so you will not be placed on medical hold .... they will pass your list # up if your placed on medical hold STAY HEALTHY STAY HEALTHY STAY HEALTHY
  14. your calculations sound correct give or take, i would say go ahead and get the CDL ASAP you need this you should be fine as long as all your paperwork are in order your health must be in order well if you only got 4 wrong you be getting a call in early 2016 as i hear test 2613 is coming to a close as far as preparations you will need that CDL for starters and again STAY HEALTHY !!!!!! everything else will fall in place .....
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