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  1. The Y and Z are supposed to be dark pink and with white letters.
  2. Thanks! Another sign: Fulton-Cortlandt Sts-WFC (8)* ** (X)*** (Y)**** **** (SX)*** *8 is purple like before. **K is brown. ***X and SX are the same blue as before. ****Y and Z are pink.
  3. Good sign, except the SX is supposed to be DARKER blue.
  4. If I did that sign in text format, it will be like this: DeKalb Av
  5. Lance, I would like a sign Church Av * (SX)** *H is orange. **SX is dark blue.
  6. Lance, I would like a sign: Vernon Blvd-Jackson Av (8) * *All are purple.
  7. Lance, I want an R142 LCD that says: To Pelham Bay Park Trains Skip Bhure Av Until Feb 2015
  8. IDIOT! You did not re-launch scaped.net!

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